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For some, this explanation will seem strange. And for so many others, the entire Vaisnava way of life and philosophy is strange. Why? Dull headed, that's all.

Prabhupada used to say – cow dung for brain substance. What can one expect if people are constantly putting as food, dead rotten bodies in their own body, taking intoxication, having constant illicit sex and speculating about everything?

But for those with some substance in their heads, they will take this information as nectar and highly useful.

Lectures, 9 December, 1975, Vrindavana

This life, we are thinking that "I am eighty years old or ninety years old." But it is not eighty years, ninety… It is mrtyu. Mrtyu. You are dying every moment. It is the life of mrtyu. Therefore one has to save. Na mocayed yah samupeta-mrtyum. A child is grown up, five years old. Suppose he'll live hundred years. So that means he has already died five years. Therefore it is mrtyu. Or we have grown eighty years old. That means… Suppose I live hundred years. Still, I have already died eighty years. Therefore it is mrtyu. The whole life is mrtyu. Every moment you are dying, dying, dying, dying, from the very birth. Suppose a child is born one hour before. So one hour passed means he has died one hour out of hundred years, the beginning of death. This is called mrtyum. So we are thinking, "We are growing. We are living." This is all mugdha, bewildered. Where you are growing, you are living? You are dying every moment.

So dying, death is going on. It is called mrtyu-loka. So long you are in the material world, you are simply dying. That's all. At the end, when the balance of life, it becomes finished, we take, at that time, it is mrtyu. But no, from the very birth there is mrtyu, always dying, dying, dying, dying. So mugdha. We are thinking, "We are living and growing, young. We are getting strength." But he does not know that he is dying. Therefore it is explained, mugdhasya: "illusioned." He is taking death as life, mugdhasya. So one should not be so bewildered, mugdhasya, and waste time by playing. Human life is not meant for…