Why we should always quote the Shastra

SB -3.9.10 purport — To understand what is actually religion is very difficult even if one is situated in the principles of morality and nonviolence. It is very confidential because as soon as one is conversant with the real principles of religion, he is at once liberated to the eternal life of bliss and knowledge.

Therefore, one who is not situated in the principles of devotional service to the Lord should not pose himself as a religious leader of the innocent public.

The Īśopaniṣad emphatically forbids this nonsense in the following mantra:

andhaṁ tamaḥ praviśanti
ye ’sambhūtim upāsate
tato bhūya iva te tamo
ya u sambhūtyāṁ ratāḥ

(Īśopaniṣad 12)

A person in ignorance of the principles of religion who therefore does nothing in the matter of religion is far better than a person who misguides others in the name of religion without reference to the factual religious principles of devotional service.

Such so-called leaders of religion are sure to be condemned by Brahmā and other great authorities.