The dictionary meaning of morality is – principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior. Most people in the world believe that good life is a life of good morality. In fact everyone leads a life of good morality, defined by their own beliefs. Now the question arises — if almost everyone is leading a life of good morality, then why is the world being put into a more and more chaotic condition? The statistics of crime, tension, stress, unhappiness, anxiety, etc., are rising with every new survey. We cannot justify this chaos by blaming a few immoral beings; for immorality cannot rule over morality. The defect lies in the morality itself. Every individual has his own set of morals defined by the circumstances in which he lives and comes from. So naturally there is always a clash between the morals of two beings coming from different backgrounds. 

This clash of morals exists at individual, community, state and national levels. For example, one man considers it a good moral act to give charity to a child begging at a traffic signal. While another man would consider it immoral, with the reasoning that such charity would encourage beggars to keep their children out of school. Another example of such a clash at community level can be this. A particular community may consider it moral to kill an animal to celebrate an occasion, while another community may consider it completely immoral to kill any animal at any time. And examples of such clashes at national level can be found in newspapers of any country, at all times. These clashes are due to lack of acceptance of standard morality.

There is need for standard morality as much as there is need for standard laws in the state. Standard morality is that which is defined by God, the owner, creator and maintainer of everything. Just as the standard laws are those which are defined by the state, a limited owner, limited creator and limited maintainer of the state. Our talking of the morality about living in this world, without God in the picture is like thieves talking of morality about dividing the stolen property fairly between them. Unless we identify and consider God as owner of the world, all the morality that we talk of at different levels will be a failure. Thus the highest morality is accepting God as the owner of everything and abiding by his laws.