Bhubaneswar: The biggest challenge for Odisha to substantiate its claim on the rasagolla is documented evidence, said experts. The state government on Monday formed three committees to expedite the process for getting Geographic Indication (GI) tag for the spongy, syrupy sweetmeat.

"Lack of proper documentation of history has become the major challenge in providing evidence on the origin of the rasagolla in Odisha. There are high chances that the sweetmeat was mentioned in the Madalapanji – the chronicle of the Jagannath Temple, Puri, as rasagollas have been used as prasad in the temple for centuries. But the exact date when it was introduced in the temple has to be known," said a retired reader in history, Kailash Chandra Dash.

The controversy over the place of origin of the rasagolla was raised after both Odisha and West Bengal geared up to acquire the GI tag for the sweet. The GI tag is like a brand name granted to a product because of its geographical uniqueness. "We have to collect evidence and documents to corroborate our claim. These three committees have been assigned with separate tasks and they would submit their reports within 15 days," said science and technology minister Pradip Panigrahy.

The committees have historians, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) experts, researchers on Jagannath culture and officers of the MSME and culture departments.

Source: Times of India      Dated: Sep 22, 2015