SB 4.22.32-There is no stronger obstruction to one’s self-interest than thinking other subject matters to be more pleasing than one’s self-realization.

PURPORT-Human life is especially meant for self-realization. … Anything performed contrary to this principle is certainly against one’s self-interest.

SB 4.22.33-For human society, constantly thinking of how to earn money and apply it for sense gratification brings about the destruction of everyone’s interests. When one becomes devoid of knowledge and devotional service, he enters into species of life like those of trees and stones.

SB 4.22.34-Those who strongly desire to cross the ocean of nescience must not associate with the modes of ignorance, for hedonistic activities are the greatest obstructions to realization of religious principles, economic development, regulated sense gratification and, at last, liberation.

SB 4.22.35-Out of the four principles—namely religion, economic development, sense gratification and liberation—liberation has to be taken very seriously. The other three are subject to destruction by the stringent law of nature—death.

SB 4.22.36-We accept as blessings different states of higher life, distinguishing them from lower states of life, but we should know that such distinctions exist only in relation to the interchange of the modes of material nature. Actually these states of life have no permanent existence, for all of them will be destroyed by the supreme controller.

Purport…..In the present age of Kali, however, there is no question of religion and liberationPeople have taken interest only in economic development and sense gratification. Therefore, despite sufficient economic development all over the world,dealings in human society have become almost animalistic.

… In the course of our preaching work, we sometimes see that materialistic persons come to us and offer their obeisances to take blessings, which means they want more and more material opulences. If such material opulences are checked, such persons are no longer interested in offering obeisances to the devotees. Such materialistic persons are always concerned about their economic development. They offer obeisances to saintly persons or the Supreme Lord and give something in charity for preaching work with a view that they will be rewarded with further economic development.

Some Conclusions—The above 5 verses clearly explain what to do and what not to do. To think that there may be some activities more pleasing to ones self than self realization the SB states is the greatest obstruction to ones actual happiness. In other words, whatever we do, if it has no connection to pleasing the spiritual master and Krsna, then it is only Karma bandhana-entangling karmic activities which continually bind us to samsara, the wheel of birth and death. Srila Prabhupada also mentions that materialistic people come to him and offer obeisances-only to get some blessing for more and more material opulence. We also see that many devotees stop associating with groups that hold regular kirtans because it does not please their material desires anymore. All these things are pitfalls on the path back to Godhead.


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