Madhusudana: One thing that really impressed me was when Prabhupada got a stroke early on and not too long after I joined in 1967. He was in the hospital in Manhattan and the devotees just didn't know what to do. Everybody was certainly very scared. One side of Prabhupada's body was paralyzed. His lip was drooping on that side and his arm was paralyzed so he was having devotees massage that side of his body. I got a chance to massage his arm and they were feeding him vegetarian food that was just boiled or steamed vegetables. He really didn't like that and he would try to spice it up with some salt and pepper but he wasn't satisfied.

Eventually, I believe that Brahmananda at one point snuck him out of the hospital because they didn't want him to leave. I remember after a bit he came into the temple and he was very weak walking slowly with a cane. He walked up to a picture of his spiritual master Bhaktisiddhanta and slowly got down on his knees and down to full dandavats. It was just very impressive to see the kind of devotion he had even while he was so sick.

Jaya Gauranga: I remember one lady raised her hand after Prabhupada had finished a Bhagavad-gita class as she had a question. She asked, "In the Bhagavad-gita it is said if one thinks of Krishna at the time of death, one will go to Krishna. Now my question is, what if I think of you at the time of death? Will it have the same effect?" Prabhupada didn't answer right away. He closed his eyes for two or three seconds as if he was searching for the answer and then he smiled and said, "That is very nice." He said, "Yes, it will have the same effect."