“What I fear the most is going back to Jail.” These are the words of a famous actor on his release from jail after six years of rigorous imprisonment. He also said that there is nothing better than living a free life, a life of freedom. What struck me as an irony is that whether in jail or outside we are never able to lead a free life. We are always bound, externally or internally. Externally by the laws of nature and internally by the dense network of emotions and desires.

Many a time we want to control our anger but ultimately we end up acting under its influence. Similarly, we want to enjoy what we have but we cannot stop running here and there in pursuit of insurmountable desires. Very often, we want to go back in time and enjoy once again a few good moments, but the laws of nature do not permit us to do so. None of us want to be diseased, but now and then we are victimized. None of us want to age but we are helpless as our skin gets wrinkled. Ultimately we are all forced to leave what we like the most, this body.

One may say that we are not free because we are not free from "wants", but the fact is we cannot be free from these "wants" as long as we are encaged in this body. This is because we are a person within the body and not the body itself. Our body is different from what it was a few years ago but we are the same persons. We are bound because we are in the body. Therefore, if we really want to live freely, then we have to work towards getting freedom from the body itself. And what we should fear the most is coming back to the body which is a jail.