Srila Prabhupada speaks with brahmacari in room

Although we find in the neophyte devotee some bad behavior due to his past experience, we should not take him as  nondevotee. Sadhur eva sa mantavyaha (BG 9.30). He is sadhu — if he sticks to Krishna consciousness, the bad habits which are visible now, will disappear. It will disappear.

So we have to give chance. Because we see some bad habits of a devotee, we should not reject. We should give another chance. We should give another chance, because he has taken the right things, but to past behavior he appears to be again going to the maya’s clutches. So we should not reject, but we should give chance. One may take little more time to come to the standard, but we should give him chance. If he sticks to Krishna consciousness, very soon all these defects will be disappearing. Kshipram bhavati dharmatma. He will be completely a dharmatma, a mahatma.

Why? Kaunteya pratijanihi na me bhaktah pranashyati (BG 9.31): 'Anyone who has taken seriously My lotus feet, seriously surrendered to Me, he will never be vanquished. He will never be vanquished, although sometimes it appears that he is coming down.' So this should be our principle. We stick to Krishna consciousness, then everything will be all right in due course of time."

                                                                                     ———-(Srila Prabhupada Lecture, Tokyo, May 3, 1972)

"Even if you find in devotee something bad, and his behavior is not in the standard, but because he is Krishna conscious, he has no other business, he is sadhu. Api cet suduracharo bhajate mam ananya-bhak, sadhur eva sa mantavyaha (BG 9.30). He is sadhu. He is saintly man. Even if you find some defect in his character, because he is sticking to Krishna consciousness, he is saintly. Krishna says. How is that, a saintly man has got some this bad character? So that answer is next verse:

kshipram bhavati dharmatma
shashvac-chantim nigacchati
kaunteya pratijanihi
na me bhaktah pranashyati

(BG 9.31)

'Yes, there are some defects. It is right. But it will be very soon finished.' Just like you make the switch off, electric fan. So after the switch is off, still it is moving. But that movement is not real movement because the switch is off. It will stop very soon."

                                                                   ——(Srila Prabhupada Conversation, Los Angeles, June 22, 1975)