The people are so busy with sense gratification that they completely forget about self-realization. Out of madness they frankly say that there is no need for self-realization because they do not realize that this brief life is but a moment on our great journey towards self-realization.

They think that by advancing in satisfying the material needs of man they will be happy, but they forget that everything they have produced will be destroyed in due course of time. They do not know that this span of life in a particular type of body is but a flash in the eternal journey. Not knowing this fact, they take the small flash of life to be everything, and they waste time in improving economic conditions.

A traveler far away from his home and loved ones may strike up superficial conversations with other travelers, but such relationships have no ultimate meaning. One should therefore revive one's lost relationship with Lord Krishna. We are constitutionally part and parcel of Lord Krishna, who is the reservoir of all spiritual pleasure, and our original relationship with Him is full of love and happiness. But because of our desire to enjoy independently from Him, we fall down into the confusing, meaningless network of material relationships created by maya.

Nature has given us the best vehicle. Now we have got this nice vehicle, this human body. In this human body, like a weary traveler exhausted from his journey, an intelligent person realizes there is no actual pleasure or satisfaction for the soul on either this planet or any other material planet. The only way for him is to go back home, back to Godhead, for eternal peace as the faithful servant of Lord Sri Krishna.

Compiled from Teachings of Srila Prabhupada