The second day of Vraja Parikrama by a group of devotees from Srila Prabhupada’s ISKCON Bangalore group of temples.

View the photos of their visit to four vanas – Kumudavana, Madhuvana, Talavana and Bahulavana.

Listening to the pastimes of Dhruva Maharaja at Madhuvana
The temple dedicated to Dhruva, Narada and Narayana
Reciting Dhruva Maharaja's prayers
Swinging to "Govinda Bolo Hari, Gopala Bolo"
Temple backyard
In Madhuvana
In Madhuvana
In Madhuvana
Leaving Madhuvana
At Kumudavana
Krishna kund at Kumudavana
Madhu Pandit Prabhu at Kumudavana
Devotees going to Talavana with Srila Prabhupada
On the way to Talavana
To Talavana
On the way to dwadasha vanas
On the way to dwadasha vanas
At Talavana
Devotees at Talavana
Krishna, Balarama and Revatiji temple at Talavana
The Dauji temple
Dauji temple compound
Dauji temple altar
The Deity of Dauji (Balarama)
The lotus footprints of Lord Chaitanya at Kumud kund
Devotees enjoy hearing pastimes of the Lord
Devotees queueing up to see the Lord
Deities of Vasudeva, Devaki and baby Krishna with four hands at Mathura
Breakfast at Mathura
The birthplace of Lord Krishna at Mathura
Guru Puja by Madhu Pandit Prabhu at Mathura
Dhruva Tapo Sthali at Madhuvana
Devotees engrossed in hearing a lecture at Sri Hari temple
At Krishna kund, Kumudavana
Deities at the Bahula temple