The sixth day of Vraja Parikrama by a group of devotees from Srila Prabhupada’s ISKCON Bangalore group of temples:

View the photos of their visit to Bhadravana and Bilvavana.

At Bhadravana
A picture of Lord Krishna applying mehendi
Sri Radha Krishna temple
Sri Radha Krishna
Reading Bilvavana pastimes
At Sri Seshasayi temple complex
Guru puja at Sri Seshasayi temple
Kshira Kund where Lord Krishna manifested as Seshasayi
Devotees en route for other forest
Devotees en route for other forest
At Bhandiravana
The tree linked to the vastra harana lila (stealing clothes) of Lord Krishna
The banks of the river Yamuna
Parikrama around the tree
Walking along the temples of the Yamuna ghat
Yamuna water prokshana
Yamuna water prokshana
Dauji temple
Sri Radha Krishna temple
At Bilvavana
Pradakshina around the tree
Deity of dauji Balaram
The tree that produces different tunes each time
The tree that produces sound like drums and sometimes like heartbeat
Seshasayi Krishna with Srimati Lakshmi and Lord Brahma
Deity of Lord Balarama
Near the tree which Lord Krishna used to hide Gopikas’ clothes
Children eager to get a Krishna picture
Lord Krishna’s family
Sri Radha Krishna
Lord Brahma sees the Supreme Lord