Srila Prabhupada

Lectures, September 3, 1975, Vrindavan                  

yad asau sastram ullanghya
avartata ciram kalam
aghayur asucir malat

Degradation. The first degradation is undesirable association, then no more respect for scriptural injunction, second degradation; and then the third step, aghayur asucih; you become infected with the low-grade quality. Jaghanya-guna-vrtti-stha adho gacchanti tamasah. The first grade qualification is sattva-guna, second rajo-guna, and the third, tamo-guna. So they believe in the evolution. Now, in this human form of life, what is further evolution? The further evolution is that if you are keeping in sattva-guna, in goodness, then you can be promoted, elevated, to the higher planetarysystem. Urdhvam gacchanti sattva-sthah. And if you keep yourself in the rajo-guna, then you will keep within this Bhurloka. And if you are infected with the tamo-guna, then you again go to lower grade life, again animal life, plant life. This is the nature's process. You cannot avoid it. You may be very much proud falsely, but after death, after giving up this body, you are already completely under the regulative principle of nature. You cannot violate even. But if you foolishly violate, then you are preparing your next life according to your karma. Karmana daiva-netrena….

One should endeavor in such a way that you do not take again birth in this material world.  Tyaktva deham punar janma naiti. Because as soon as you accept any material body, either the material body of Lord Brahma or the material body of an ant, most insignificant, the trouble is there. You will have to suffer. You cannot escape it. Nunam pramattah kurute vikarma. Irresponsibly, we, if we act, pramattah, like madman, without following the shastric injunction… That is a madman. Just like a madman does not care for any instruction. He acts according to his own whim. That is described here: svaira-cari. Svaira-cari means "I will act according to my whims. I don't care for any authority." That is called svaira-cari. No. The laws are meant for human beings. Even on the street, as soon as you go out on the street, immediately the law is there: "Keep to the right. Keep to the left." And if you violate, immediately you'll be punished, immediately become criminal. This is government law. Similarly, law given by the Supreme Lord.

…So this bhagavata-dharma is meant for the first-class nonenvious person, because everyone is envious, and the enviousness begins by envying Krishna or God. Then other enviousness begins. And he becomes svaira-cari, living whimsically. This kind of living is condemned herewith. Aghayuh. Aghayuh means sinful life. Ayuh means life; agha means sinful life. Aghayur asucih, impure. Malat means material infection, especially rajo-guna, tamo-guna, dirty things. So one is expected to go above these dirty things….. 

This man [Ajamila] was brahminically qualified, but as soon as he saw that a sudrani and sudra were engaged in lusty affairs, he fell down. But see the behavior of Haridasa Thakura. Because he was situated on the suddha-sattva-guna and… Although he was young man, one young prostitute came to deviate him, and he remained in his position. Rather, he converted the prostitute to become a devotee. This is the difference between sattva-guna and suddha-sattva-guna. If you keep yourself on the suddha-sattva-guna, then you will be able to convert others to become devotees. Therefore it is not difficult. It is very easy also.

Krishna says,

mam cavyabhicarini
bhakti-yogena yah sevate
sa gunan samatityaitan
brahma-bhuyaya kalpate

This brahma-bhuyaya means suddha-sattva. That is also, in suddha-sattva-guna, that is liberated stage. If you do not stick to devotional service, then there is chance of fall down also. So without taking to the devotional service, life is very, very risky. Risky means now we can dance and laugh because we have got this human form of life. But after death we do not know……..