Thirumazhisai-alwar continued his loving contemplation on the Supreme Lord undisturbed for a very long time till an ethereal spirit called Sukti-hara paid a visit to the region.

Sukti-hara was passing on the aerial route on his tiger and the tiger all of a sudden stopped. All the efforts of Sukti-hara to get the tiger moving failed and Sukti-hara started to explore the reasons for stopping.

In the process of examining various possibilities, Sukti-hara looked down and noticed Thirumazhisai-alwar sitting in Padmasana pose below and a sort of divine radiance emanating from his person.

Sukti-hara realized that Thirumazhisai-alwar’s spiritual energy in the form of his divine radiance prevented Sukti-hara’s vehicle from passing over him. Sukti-hara descended to earth to offer his respects to the saint.  Like every other devotee, Sukti-hara wanted to offer something to the saint when he went to see him but he did not know what to offer.

Seeing Thirumazhisai-alwar wearing just a rag around his loins, Sukti-hara took out some special clothes that were shining like molten gold and offered it to the alwar. Thirumazhisai-alwar smilingly looked at the clothes and, in a flash created, some special garments through his yogic powers.

The garments created by the alwar were studded with nine precious stones and were woven with gold and silver threads. Being awestruck at the yogic powers of the alwar, Sukti-hara took out the necklace that was made of some very special rudraksha beads from his person and offered it to the alwar to appease him.

The alwar took out the garland of lotus and tulasi beads that he was wearing and asked Sukti-hara to examine it. Sukti-hara was startled to see the effulgence of sun, moon and the stars put together emanating from that garland. Sukti-hara offered his obeisance to the alwar and went his way after receiving the blessings of the alwar.

A certain magician and alchemist called Konkana-siddhan from Kerala got to know about the greatness of Thirumazhisai-alwar. By his nature Konkana-siddhan was very proud of his knowledge and abilities. Therefore he was impudent enough to think of testing the great yogi.

The puffed up Konkana-siddhan came to Thirumazhisai-alwar one fine day and displayed all his magical tricks and knowledge before him. As the alwar was indifferent to everything, Konkana-siddhan offered some chemical composition that could transform copper into gold and told the alwar that he can make three crore rupees worth of gold from that composition.

Thirumazhisai-alwar, who was indifferent to all the antics of Konkana-siddhan till then, took out some dirt that was sticking to his left thigh along with the sweat that was oozing out of his body and gave it to Konkana-siddhan and said, “Place it on anything and it will immediately become gold, you can make one crore rupees worth of gold from it.”

Konkana-siddhan initially thought it to be a joke and placed the dirt given by Thirumazhisai-alwar on some material object to see if the alwar’s words were true and the object became gold within a flash. Dumbstruck at the mystical power of the alwar, Konkana-siddhan fell at the feet of the alwar and repeatedly sought his forgiveness and left the place with his blessings.

Thirumazhisai-alwar thus humbled the proud Konkana-siddhan. As the frequent unsolicited visits started to disturb Thirumazhisai-alwar he decided to move away from the banks of Gajendra-tank in Thiruvallikeni and went towards Mahisara, the place of his birth.

Let us know how Lord Srinivasa appears in Thirumazhisai-alwar’s dream in the next post

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