From the very beginning, children should be trained up in Krishna conscious line. That is the responsibility actually of father's, mother's affection. But the father-mother do not know what is the aim of life. How they can train up their children? But here is the prescription how to train up. So in this age, although it is a very difficult task, at least if we teach our children to chant Hare Krishna maha-mantra, then everything is possible. That is the facility of this age. He'll be gradually trained up to the highest perfection. Chaitanya Mahäprabhu's benediction is there: Simply by chanting Hare Krishna mantra, you'll get all perfection of life.

Training children

That is a special concession of this age. Just like these children in Hare Krishna Movement were dancing and chanting. And it is the duty of the parents to train the children in such a way they get liberty in this very life. Father, mother, they should think of their innocent children, that "This boy, this child has come to us. Now let us train him in such a way that he will get liberty, no more birth and death." This is real responsibility of father and mother. 

Everyone's duty should be that to give relief to the every living entities from these clutches of birth and death by showing the path of Krishna Consciousness.