Charu: Prabhupada sat on the vyasasana and the first question the reporter asked was, "what's going to happen to the movement after you die?" before he did even finished the sentence Prabhupada said, "I will never die!" a long pause, "I will live forever in my books."

Going back to Australia, before Prabhupada arrived I would inform the press and make his arrival a media event. Reporters would follow him from the airport to the temple. 

Once, Prabhupada spent quite a bit of time with a reporter for the Melbourne Age, the largest daily newspaper in Melbourne. Prabhupada treated the reporters as individuals. He didn't give them a media package, a slick presentation for newspapers. Prabhupada tried to get them to be Krishna conscious, and he really gave this fellow a lot of mercy. But the article that came out the next day had a picture of Prabhupada and the heading, 'swami says he will be an animal in his next life’. We were aghast and upset at the ingratitude and dullness of this reporter. We showed Prabhupada the article 'look what he's written…' Prabhupada smiled and said, 'Charu, count the number of times that Krishna is mentioned in the article.' It was eight or ten times. Prabhupada asked, 'what is the circulation?' it was two or three hundred thousand. ‘How many people read it?' We figured and turned out that the name of Krishna was repeated or read more than a million times as a result of that article. Prabhupada said, 'how can that be bad?' the name of Krishna has been intoned mentally or verbally more than a million times on this day, that cannot be bad.