Compiled by Damaghosa dasa (Seattle, USA)

Lecture – New Vrindaban, June 28, 1976

So in the modern age, advancement of material civilization, they also do not care for these siddhis, material siddhis. Just like laghima. Laghima-siddhi, the yogis, they become so light that they can float in the air. So nowadays you have got airplane. The yogi can float alone in the air. Now five hundred passengers, they can float in the air. So there is no need of such yoga, yoga-siddhi. The science, the material science of craftsmanship, mechanical, they have done it. Or formerly these things were very magical. Still, the so-called yogis, they are trying to achieve such perfection. Sometimes they can float in the air, they can walk on the water, they can get anything they desire, prapti. Prapti, in my childhood there was my teacher. He said that he had his guru, a yogi. So he told me that his spiritual master, yogi, he inquired from his disciple, "What do you want to eat?" So he said that "We want to eat some pomegranate from Kabul." So he said, "Yes, you can get it. Go into the room and you'll find." So they found a bunch of pomegranate just fresh taken from the tree. This is called prapti. The yogis, they can get all these facilities.

Lecture – New Vrindaban, June 30, 1976

Prabhupada: We have seen practically in India. During the partition days, when the Britishers left India, they gave a parting kick by dividing Pakistan and India. So I have seen in my own eyes there was fighting between the Hindus and Muslims for at least one week in Calcutta, and heaps of dead bodies there were. So the fighting was between Hindu and Muslim, but when they died the body is piled up and it was taken for burning or to throw away. So the land remained there and these people fighting between themselves, that "This is mine, this is mine," they finished their life. The land remained where it was there.

Lecture – San Francisco, March 10, 1967

You are not this body, you are this consciousness. And this consciousness, what is that consciousness? It is the effulgence of the soul. Consciousness is also not you are. It is just like this lamp has got some effulgence and illumination. Similarly, the soul has got illumination. That illumination is this consciousness. So this illumination, this consciousness is also limited. Your consciousness, my consciousness, they are limited. You cannot perceive or understand what I am thinking; I cannot perceive or understand what you are thinking.

Lecture – San Francisco, March 10, 1967

Guest (2): Does any physical change take place in your body when you become Krishna conscious?

Prabhupada: Yes. There are so many physical changes. We have seen it practically. Yes. Some of our students, so long he was here, he was so nice. He was so glowing. And as soon as he has left, he has become just like damn rascal. Yes. We are experiencing practically. There are so many instances. Because my face is the index of mind, so similarly, what is going on within you, that will be reflected. That will be reflected. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was asked that "How can I understand…?" One of His disciples inquired from Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, "How can I understand that a man is in Krishna consciousness?" He immediately replied, "If you see a man and at once you remember Krishna, you must know that he is in Krishna consciousness." It is such a nice thing. By seeing the face, by seeing the appearance of a person, if you remember Krishna, you should know that "This man is in Krishna consciousness." So there is change of physical feature also.

Lecture – San Francisco, March 13, 1967

We are executing the will of Krishna. Krishna says that "Anyone who takes up this responsibility of spreading Krishna consciousness, or God consciousness, he is very dear to Me." Chaitanya Mahaprabhu says that amara ajnaya guru hana tara' sarva desa. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is also Krishna in the form of devotee. He said that "By My order, you become a spiritual master." "Oh, I have to become a spiritual master? What I have to do? Oh, I have no qualification." "Oh, you don't require any qualification." "Then what is to do?" Yare dekha tare kaha 'krsna'-upadesa: "Whomever you meet, you just try to give him some instruction of Krishna." This is Krishna consciousness. If you cannot do, if you cannot speak on Bhagavad-gita or Bhagavata or Bible or Koran – they're all books of knowledge, of Krishna consciousness – you can simply say, "My dear friend, I've got one request to you." "What is that?" "Oh, please chant Hare Krishna. That's all. Please chant Hare Krishna." Is it very difficult? But this is very difficult also, because people will take it very lightly: "Oh, what is there, Hare Krishna?" because he does not know that the Hare Krishna has so much potency that one day you can catch the Supreme Personality of Godhead within your grip. It is got so potency, so much..

Lecture – San Francisco, March 13, 1967

Servant we are, because constitutionally I am servant. And because I am not servant of God or servant of Krishna, that I have become servant of my dog. In the morning I go with my dog. The dog says, "Yes, stand up here." "Yes, I am standing." "Let me pass my stool." "Yes, my dear sir. It is very nice." So I am servant. But I have no shame that I have become servant of dog and I'm refuse to (be) servant of God. Such a foolish we are. You see? So Prahlada Maharaja says, "Just change this kindly. Don't become any more servant of…" Servant of dog means servant of your senses. That's all. We are here all servant of senses. That's all. A swami means master of the senses. "Oh, sense wants? Oh, my tongue wants immediately to smoke? There is some sensation. Oh, I must say, 'No. There is no smoking. Stop.' " Then you are master. And if you have become servant, "Oh, I want. Will you kindly give me a cigarette?" Because I am servant of cigarette. So you have to train yourself to become swami, master of your senses. Then everything is all right. Don't be servant of your senses. Servant you are. Just change your servitorship. Instead of becoming servant of senses, just become the servant of the master of the senses. The master of senses is Krishna. Therefore He is called Hrsikesa. And Krishna consciousness means hrsikena hrsikesa-sevanam bhaktir ucyate.

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