An excerpt from a talk given by His Grace Bhakta Vrinda Dasa.

Srila Prabhupada is the nama prachara astra — the last and most powerful weapon released by Lord Chaitanya to distribute the holy name of Lord Hari across the globe.

This weapon carries the unlimited energies of Lord Krishna, the compassion of Lord Chaitanya and all purva acharyas.

Chasing the people who are drowned by the influence of Kali and piercing their heart with the holy name and transforming their material madness into Godly madness.

▪ He made people's heart hanker for the Absolute Truth.

▪ He transformed cow eaters into cow worshippers.

▪ He transformed drug hunters into God hunters. 

He elevated the people from lowest Hrisika consciousness to Hrisikesha consciousness, from Indriya Bhava to Achyuta Bhava, demonic platform into divine platform.

Sri Ramanujacharya and Lord Chaitanya brought spiritual revolutions by distributing the holy name to the masses by breaking the social caste systems, Srila Prabhupada extended the mood of all Vaishnava acharyas by distributing the holy name to mlecchas, yavanas and chandalas in the western lands. 

He transformed western lands into Krishna lands by his transcendental qualities. He is an expert spiritual magician in awakening the Jiva's eternal consciousness in the midst of calamities.

We are disciples of such a glorious Acharya who is Narayana Parayanah, who are very rare to find in this universe; who can measure our good fortune in this Universe. It's a great privilege and responsibility and in fact it’s far superior than becoming the most powerful demigods in this universe. In fact, demigods are praying to Lord Hari to get a human birth on earthly planets by exchanging the left over Punya in their life, so that they would get an opportunity to get the association of Nitya Siddha Maha Bhagavata devotees.

Just one life, keep all our false egos aside, remember our great fortune again and again, and fully surrender manasa, vachana and karmana unto His Divine Grace to serve his mission unconditionally. We will never see this material world again and in fact an ocean of happiness is lying in front of us, why to search for flickering pleasure drops.