Vamshidasa Babaji Maharaja, the great Vaishnava saint was born in what is now known as Bangladesh, in Majidpur village. He later came to Navadvipa-dhama, accepted the babaji order and performed his bhajana under a tree.

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura received the blessings of Srila Vamshidasa Babaji in Navadvipa. Seeing him, Vamshidasa Babaji would say, "Someone very close to my Gaura has come." Srila Bhaktisiddhanta saw to it that Vamshidasa Babaji was provided with grains and so on by the Gaudiya Matha.

Vamshidasa Babaji was a siddha-mahatma in the disciplic succession of Sri Narottama Thakura. His world centered round his deities – Gaura-Gadadhara, Nitai, Radha-Krishna and Gopala. For the service of these deities he had two brass pots, some earthen pots, one plate, one glass, some small cups, pancha patra, bell and a conch-shell.

Babaji passed day and night in the service of the deities and in sweet talks with Them. Early in the morning he went out from his kutir to collect flowers. Then he went for bhiksha. He returned to the kutir about noon and made garlands from the flowers for each of the six deities. It was only late in the evening that he could cook and offer bhoga to the deities. He had no consciousness of time.

Vamshidasa Baba never locked the door of his kutir when he went out for bhiksha or to bathe in the Ganga. Once Baba had to punish Gaura-Nitai for Their connivance in a theft. The two brass-pots, in which Baba used to cook for Gaura-Nitai were stolen. How could this happen without the connivance of Gaura-Nitai? Baba scolded Them and did not give Them anything to eat that day. The next day someone came quietly and delivered one of those pots. Baba said, "This small pot is Nitai's. He will be fed today. If Gaura wants to eat, He must also bring His pot." He cooked and offered bhoga to Nitai. In the meantime another man came and delivered the other pot. Baba then cooked in that pot and offered bhoga to Gaura.

Towards the end of his life Baba once went to his birth place carrying the deities with him. On the way he neither ate nor slept, nor passed stool or urine. On reaching Majidpur he stayed in a dilapidated temple. After that he went to Vrindavana and Puri. In Vrindavana he stayed on the bank of Yamuna, in Puri on the bank of Narendra Sarovara. He never went inside a temple for darshana. During these travels the sadhus of the Gaudiya Matha rendered great service to him.

Vamshidasa Babaji was married at an early age and his son Harachandra was nine or ten years old when he renounced the world. He came to Navadvipa in the year 1906. He left this world in 1944.

Srila Prabhupada on Babaji:

“There is a Vamshidasa Babaji Maharaja, he was talking with his Deity.”

 “You have heard the name of Vamshidasa Babaji. So sometimes, when his things were stolen, the disciples will cry that "It is stolen." So he said, "Why you are bothering? One thief gives; another thief takes. That's all. Who gave the money, he is also thief, and who has taken away, he is also thief. So why you are bothering?" One thief gives; another thief takes.”