srila-rasikananda-goswamiThe diety of Rasikananda Prabhu resides at Kheer-Chor Temple in Remuna, Orsisa

Sri Rasikananda Deva appeared on the first day of the bright fortnight of the month of Kartika in 1590 A.D. It was during the night of the festival, Dipamalika, when the houses are decorated with rows of lamps. Sri Achyuta Deva, by the mercy of Sri Jagannath, was blessed with this son. He was the king of the village Royni on the banks of the Suvarnarekha river.

Rasikananda Deva was proficient in the scriptures at a young age. He was very devoted to his mother, Bhavani. He was married at a very young age to Syamadasi who hailed from the village of Ghonta Sila. Sri Shyamananda initiated Rasika and his wife in the Radha-Krishna mantra. Rasikananda began to travel with his guru and became an intimate disciple. Shyamananda then gave him the service of Sri Radha-Govinda at Gopiballabhapur. On his guru’s order, Rasikananda took up the preaching of the message of Sri Gaura-Nityananda in the surrounding places for about sixteen years and transformed many atheists and unbelievers into devotees of Sri Gaura-Nityananda. Many kings and zamindars took shelter at his lotus feet.

On the first day of the bright fortnight in the month of Phalguna, 1652 A.D., Rasikananda left the village and walked to Remuna. He discussed Krishna-katha with the devotees and asked them to begin sankirtana. He entered the temple of Sri Gopinatha, and after touching His lotus feet, he entered into Their ultimate shelter.

Sri Rasikananda’s samadhi is at the temple of Kshira-chora Gopinath at Remuna.
He had three sons – Radhananda, Krishna-Govinda and Radha-Krishna. The present servants at Sri Sri Radha-Govindadeva at Gopiballabhapur are their descendents.

Sri Rasikananda composed Sri Shyamananda-shataka, Srimad Bhagavatashtaka as well as other hymns and songs. There is also a temple of Rasikananda at Puri. One year, during Lord Jagannatha's Ratha-yatra festival, Rasikananda Deva was preaching somewhere, but when he realized that it was time for Ratha-yatra he dropped everything and rushed to Nilachala.  But the festival had already begun. Lord Jagannath, Who felt separation from His dear devotee Rasikananda, caused the Ratha to stop. Though the king summoned his elephants to push the Ratha, they could not move it. Then Lord Jagannatha, seeing that the king was becoming frustrated, informed him that He was waiting for His devotee Rasika.

Finally Rasikananda Deva arrived and the king requested him to pull the rope at which the Ratha began to move along the road. Later the king asked Rasikananda to accept a gift of land so he might establish a temple there. Rasikananda requested for the place known as Fultota Math, which is now called Kunja Math. There he installed the Deity of Sri Bat Krishna.  The Deity is now known as Sri Sri Radha-Rasika Raya.