Sri Ramachandra Kaviraja’s father was Chiranjiva Sena and mother Sri Sunanda. He was a disciple of Srinivasa Acharya and a close friend of Narottama dasa Thakura. Chiranjiva Sena was originally an inhabitant of Kumaranagar but after marriage he shifted to Sri Khanda.

Srila Narottama dasa Thakura has sung: “O Acharya Prabhu (Srinivasa), please bestow your mercy upon me. I pray that I might also have the association of Ramachandra.”

Sri Mukunda, Narahari, Raghunandana and Chiranjiva, who were all residents of Sri Khanda, would come to Nilachala every year to have darshan of Mahaprabhu and to chant and dance in front of Lord Jagannatha during Ratha Yatra. Chiranjiva’s sons -Ramachandra and Govinda became disciples of Acharya Prabhu. Ramachandra’s maternal grandfather, Sri Damodara Kaviraja, was a well-known poet who was a worshiper of Krishna’s energy (Shakti) and was initiated in this cult.

After marriage, Ramachandra Sena stayed with Acharya Prabhu and studied the literatures of the six Gosvamis. Later on, Acharya Prabhu initiated Ramachandra with Radha-Krishna mantra.

When Ramachandra returned to his house, the Shaktas saw he had been initiated into the Vaishnava fold and they were upset. However, Ramachandra was undaunted. With tilaka on his body in twelve places and a japa mala in his hand, he sat down in front of them and began to chant the holy names. One day, his Shakta neighbours told him, “Your grandfather was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. Have you given up Lord Shiva’s worship?”

Ramachandra replied, “Lord Shiva and Brahma are incarnations of two of the material modes created by Sri Krishna. By worshipping Lord Krishna, everyone’s worship is performed. The shastras say that Lord Brahma was able to create this world due to having successfully worshipped Sri Vishnu.” On hearing these statements from the shastras, his Shakta neighbours were speechless.

Ramachandra was anxious to have darshana of Vrindavana and the Gosvamis there. After passing through Gaya, Kashi and Prayaga, he finally arrived at Mathura. At this time his guru, Srinivasa Acharya, was present at Vrindavana. Ramachandra offered his obeisances at the lotus feet of his guru and Sri Jiva Gosvami and conveyed the good news of the devotees from Gauda-desha.

After spending some time with them he returned, visiting Sri Khanda, Jajigram, Khandava and Kalna, finally coming to Sri Mayapura, where he received the blessings of Sri Ishana Thakur.

Many sinners were delivered by Sri Ramachandra Kaviraja. He was present at the Kheturi festival. He visited Vrindavana for a second time on the order of Srinivasa and Narottama. But he couldn’t have darshana of the Gosvamis, as they had all departed this world. Feeling intense separation from them, he joined them in their eternal pastimes in Vrindavana.

In Vraja-lila his name is Karuna-manjari. His disappearance is on the third day of the dark fortnight in the month of Pausha. His principal disciple was Harirama Acharya.

ramachandra samadhi
Ramachandra Kaviraja’s Samadhi