01 Sri-Rama-Navami-celebrations-at-ISKCON-Mangalore

Mangaluru, March 29, 2018: Iskcon Mangalore celebrated Sri Rama Navami on Sunday, 25th March. Sri Rama Navami is celebrated to commemorate the appearance of Lord Rama on the surface of the earth to deliver the faithful. It falls during Shukla Paksha, in the month of Chaitra on Navami Tithi. On this day, the presiding deities of Iskcon Mangalore temple, Their Lordships Sri Sri Krishna Balarama were adorned in the special alankara of Sri Sri Rama Lakshmana.

02 Sri-Rama-Navami-celebrations-at-ISKCON-Mangalore

Throughout the day, Puliyogare and Panaka (a drink made of jaggery, lemon, muskmelon, elachi, pepper and ginger) were distributed to all visiting devotees.

03 Sri-Rama-Navami-celebrations-at-ISKCON-Mangalore

In the evening, Sri Rama kalasa was prepared by invoking Lord Rama into the kalasa with special mantras and mudras. Sri Rama Kalasa Puja was performed by the devotees to the chants of Sri Rama ashtottara sata namavali.

04 Sri-Rama-Navami-celebrations-at-ISKCON-Mangalore

Sri Nama Ramayana, which captures important incidents from Ramayana, was sung for remembering the pastimes of Lord Rama.