Rasa LilaToday is the auspicious observance of Sri Krishna Saradiya Rasayatra

The first full moon of the autumn season, Ashvina, marks the celebration of Krishna's dancing with the gopis. On this day, the Deities of Vrindavana are nicely decorated in white, reminiscent of the moonlight under which these transcendental pastimes took place. Sri Banke Bihari holds His flute on this occasion.

Krishna lila dramas are enacted for the pleasure of the Deities and the devotees. Because the moon is very auspicious, the Brajabasis leave pots of sweet rice exposed to the full moon for the whole night, to turn the sweet rice into ambrosial amrita.

In the Krishna book, Srila Prabhupada offers his purport in chapter 33, "Description of the Rasa Dance", which presents the correct siddhantic understanding of Lord Krishna’s transcendental rasa dance pastimes.

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