Jaipur, January 02, 2017: Hare Krishna Movement Jaipur organized the annual Shobha Yatra of Lord Jagannatha, Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra. Thousands of enthusiastic devotees participated in the yatra.

As the wheels rolled down on the roads of the city of Sri Radha Govinda, the devotees raising their hands started chanting the holy names of Lord Krishna, welcoming Lord Jagannatha who was seated on a beautifully decorated chariot.

The colorful yatra commenced from the Sri Radha Damodara temple at 3 p.m. and ended at Sri Radha Govinda Temple (Rawat Hospital) at 8.30 p.m. after passing through Tripolia Gate, Chaura Rasta, New Gate, Johri Bazar, Badi Chopad and Hawa Mahal. At all of these places Their Lordships were received with great awe and reverence and were offered arati. 

Sri-01 Jagannatha-Shobha-Yatra-at-Jaipur

His Grace Ananta Shesha Das, Vice President of Hare Krishna Movement performed the maha arati on the ratha for Lord Jagannatha amid religious chants. Addressing the gathering, he said, "Let’s start our year with the blessings of Lord Krishna which can be easily evoked by chanting of the holy names and it can bring peace & prosperity to humanity. When one takes shelter of Lord Jagannatha and participates in the Ratha Yatra, he makes a start towards a brighter side in his life. Devotees of Lord Jagannatha enjoy happiness not only in this life but eternally.”

Over the years, the Ratha Yatra has become an important cultural festival of Jaipur as it brings people together from different walks of life.

During the Ratha Yatra, activities like distribution of Vedic literature and prasadam were organized.