“Sri Jagadisha Pandita is the savior of the world. He distributes the nectar of love of Krishna just like a dense mass of dark clouds in the sky distributes rainfall.”
– Chaitanya Charitamrita Adi 11.30


Lord Jagannath, Deity of Jagadisha Pandita

Sri Jagadisha Pandita was born in the region of Gaihati. His father was Sri Kamalaksha Bhatta. After the passing away of his parents he came with his wife Dukhini-devi and younger brother Mahesha to live on the banks of the Ganges.

They built their house near the home of Jagannatha Mishra. Sri Gaurasundara instructed Jagadisha to preach Hari Nam at Nilachala. He took shelter of the lotus feet of Lord Jagannatha and prayed. He was rewarded with a Deity of the lotus-eyed Lord which he brought to Jasora, on the banks of the Ganga near Chakdaha. This Deity was brought suspended from a staff which is still being worshipped in the temple of Lord Jagannatha at Jasora.

Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda would visit Jasora to have festivals of sankirtana. Jagadisha Pandita’s son was Sri Rambhadra Gosvami. In the temple are Deities of Sri Jagannatha Deva, Sri Radha-Vallabhaji and Sri Gaura-Gopala. It is said that the Gaura Gopala Deity was established by Sri Duhkhini Devi.

After Lord Chaitanya conducted a sankirtan festival at the home of Jagadisha Pandita, He planned to go to Nilachala. Duhkhini, however, knowing the Lord’s mind, was very distressed by feelings of impending separation. At that time the Lord gave her this Deity and said, “I shall eternally remain in your house in the form of this Deity.” From that day this Deity of Gaura-Gopala is being worshipped there. In Gaur-ganoddesha-dipika it is revealed that Jagadisha and Hiranya were wives of the Vedic brahmanas in Krishna lila.

Once on Ekadashi, young Gaurahari wanted to eat rice from the house of Jagadisha and Hiranya. The Lord said to His parents, “If you don’t want Me to die, then immediately go to the house of two brahmanas by the names of Jagadisha and Hiranya, with whom I am very pleased. They are both fasting for Ekadashi, but they have prepared some offerings for Lord Vishnu. If you can obtain some of that Vishnu-prasada then I’ll recover my health and be able to move about.”

– Chaitanya Bhagavata Adi 6.20-23

Hearing this request of her son, Sachi Mata began to lament. The neighbors laughed in amazement. “How is it that such a young child is aware that today is Ekadashi?” Then the ladies told Him, they would bring what he wanted. When the two brahmanas heard of the child’s request they were very pleased. Both of them were friends of Jagannath Mishra and they were well-aware that the Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Hari had appeared in his house. Therefore, whatever they had prepared for Lord Hari they brought before Sri Gaurahari and told Him to please eat it and stop crying. Sri Gaurasundara then enjoyed that feast. While doing so, He showed His transcendental Balagopala form to Jagadisha and Hiranya.

Sri Jagadisha Pandita passed away on the third day of the bright fortnight in the month of Pausha.