Sri Govinda Ghosh and his Deity

Today (March 14, 2018) is the Disappearance day of Srila Govinda Ghosh who belonged to the kayastha dynasty of the Uttara-radhiya section, and he was known as Ghosh Thakura. Even to the present day there is a place named Agradvipa, near Katwa, where a fair takes place and is named after Ghosh Thakura.  Govinda Ghosh, Madhava Ghosh and Vasudeva Ghosh are three brothers, and their sankirtana, congregational chanting, pleases the Lord very much. As far as Vasudeva Ghosh is concerned, he composed many nice songs about Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, and these are all authorized Vaishnava songs, like the songs of Narottama dasa Thakura, Bhaktivinoda Thakura, Lochana dasa Thakura, Govinda dasa Thakura and other great Vaishnavas.

Sri Govinda Ghosh was known for his sweet kirtans at the annual Jagannatha Ratha-Yatra festival. He and his two brothers, Vasudeva and Madhava, are eternal associates of Sri Chaitanya and Sri Nityananda. The Lord would immediately begin dancing whenever the Ghosh brothers would sing. The Ghosh brothers preached throughout their lives with music and song.

Since he had no children, Govinda Ghosh wondered who would perform his funeral rites. Sri Gopinatha, Govinda Ghosh's Deity, appeared in a dream promising that He Himself would do everything. To this day, the Gopinatha Deity arranges for the tirobhava mahotsava (disappearance day festival) of His pure devotee, Govinda Ghosh.

As Kalavati-sakhi, Govinda Ghosh sings sweetly for Radha-Govindaji in Goloka Vrindavana. His samadhi is in the 64 Samadhis area.