Sri Gadadhara Pandita

Sri Gadadhara Pandita appeared on a new moon day in the month of Vaishakha. His father's name was Sri Madhva Mishra and his mother's name Ratnavati-devi. They lived near the house of Sri Jagannatha Mishra in Mayapur. Ratnavati-devi and Jagannatha Mishra’s wife Sachidevi were good friends.

Their sons Sri Gaura Hari and Gadadhara would play together and they studied at the same school. In the Gaur-ganoddesa-dipika, it is described that Srimati Radharani, is now celebrated as Sri Gadadhara Pandita.

From his childhood, Gadadhara was fond of solitude and much renounced. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, upon going to Gaya Dham, first began to manifest Krishna-prema. There he enacted the pastime of accepting the shelter of Sri Ishvara Puri. Gadadhara, upon seeing the Lord’s showering of tears in love for Krishna, also began to cry in ecstatic love.

When Chaitanya Mahaprabhu ended His pastimes in Nadia and according to His mother's wish took up His residence at Nilachala; Gadadhara also accompanied Him. He engaged himself in the service of Sri Tota Gopinatha. Mahaprabhu would very often visit Gadadhara and hold discussions on the topics of Sri Krishna.

Sri Gadadhara Pandita would regularly recite Srimad Bhagavatam. Sri Gaurasundara, along with His associates, would listen. One might ask a question, if Lord Chaitanya is Radha and Krishna combined, where is the necessity for the appearance of Gadadhara Pandit? The answer to this is that it has been explained that Mahaprabhu is Krishna in search of the loving sentiment of Radha for Krishna. Sri Gadadhara Pandita represents that bhava personified, and thus he has appeared to be at the side of Mahaprabhu to assist Him in His search.

Srila Krishna dasa Kaviraja Goswami says of Gadadhara in Puri dhama that because he was influenced by aishvarya-jnana of Gauranga, he was, as Srila Prabhupada comments, always submissive (dakshina-nayiki). He could not be angered by Mahaprabhu even when Mahaprabhu tried to anger him and see the mood of Radha (vama-nayiki) in him.

It is stated that no one loves Lord Gauranga more than Sri Gadadhara. When Vakreshvara Pandita came to live at Puri, he would accompany Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Advaita Acharya and other devotees to Tota Gopinath to hear Gadadhara Pandita give discourses on the Bhagavatam.

There's a story in connection with Sri Gadadhara Pandita that when he was very old and trying to render service to Tota-Gopinath, he could no longer reach to put the garland around the neck of the Deity. To reciprocate with his loving service, the Deity knelt down to accept the flower garlands of His beloved Gadadhara, who is none other than His beloved Srimati Radharani incarnate.

Sri Gadadhara Pandita left this world on a new moon day. Even to this day, the Deity of Tota-Gopinath in the temple remains in a kneeling position to accept the eternal service of His beloved Gadadhara. A slight crack which is still to be found near the right knee of Sri Gopinathji is the spot where Mahaprabhu is said to have entered the Deity.