At present moment, our leaders are simply misleading people, and the people in general are innocently following them to their ruin. So it is very much our duty to come to their aide and point out exactly how this sinful living, namely, slaughtering animals, intoxication, illicit sex life, and gambling, how these sinful activities are so much degrading to the human kind and how they are only producing hippies, wars, and endless suffering as a result.


The whole world situation is causing disturbance because it is not treated with spiritual treatment. That's all. As soon as there is spiritual treatment, as soon as people are spiritually conscious, as soon as at least the leaders of men, they are standing on the consciousness platform, the whole world situation will change.

So we want to give the citizens the positive value of Krishna Consciousness way of life, so for that activity we must always be preaching very strongly in the public. So do it with full confidence and conviction, never mind there may be some opposition, that is to be expected.

– From the teachings of Srila Prabhupada