Srila Prabhupada

Hare Krishna, below we have two different items in one conversation with Srila Prabhupada. The first one he is telling us about the Govindam tune and how it was one of his favourite tunes.

The second part of the same conversation he is telling us about his useless wife who was "against Krishna" but his father told him on the contrary that "you are very fortunate" because it would be much easier in the future to give her up.

Feb 20, 1977 – Mayapur conversations

Tamal Krishna: John Lennon. (Govindam record playing in background)

Prabhupada: At that time I used to come to Conway Hall. It took at least one hour. Then they inquired. In that car I was singing with this tune, govindam adi-purusam. So they adjusted this word, George, Mukunda and…

Tamala Krishna: Yamuna.

Prabhupada: And took up this tune. I was repeating. They were chanting within the car while coming from Conway Hall to… That is intelligence.

Tamala Krishna: Not to do anything new, simply to explain in one's own way.

Prabhupada: This song was favourite to me since very, very long time. This album was very popular in Europe and America.

Tamala Krishna: Yeah. It was not quite as popular as the first record, "Hare Krishna." That was…

Prabhupada: Which I sung.

Tamala Krishna: Yeah. And also the "Hare Krishna" which they sung, you remember, in London, that was very popular. Even in Communist countries it was popular.

(Later in the same conversation…)

Prabhupada: Yes. Therefore doctor became fortunate. He got very good wife.

Tamala Krishna: But you were most fortunate.

Prabhupada: Huh? [break] I think so.

Tamala Krishna: And your wife wasn't so good.

Prabhupada: Because she was always against Krishna… My father said like that, that "You are so fortunate that you don't like your wife. Don't try to marry again."

Tamala Krishna: You were thinking like that.

Prabhupada: "You are fortunate." I took it seriously. "People try to give up the company of wife with great difficulty. You have natural tendency."

Tamala Krishna: It doesn't seem like your sons are very…, except for Vrindavana. None of the others come.

Prabhupada: They are like mother.

Tamala Krishna: I met that Madan-Mohan.

Prabhupada: Mathura.

Tamala Krishna: Mathura-Mohan. Whew! Smoking.

Prabhupada: All spoiled. Mother has spoiled. Everyone.

Tamala Krishna: What about this Vrindavana? He's…

Prabhupada: He's half-spoiled.

Tamala Krishna: Is he the oldest son?

Prabhupada: He was little crazy. Might have gone away from home. Very intelligent boy he was. His mother made him crazy. He was standing first in school. Very intelligent. She spoiled the whole family life. It was good for… For my youngest daughter I selected one very nice boy, rich man. She did not give. She wanted to keep her as her assistant, and she's not married.

Tamala Krishna: Even now. How old? She must be forty-five years old.

Prabhupada: Not so much. Older than Vrindavana.

Tamala Krishna: So she must be thirty-five.

Prabhupada: Yes. Thirty-five. Most irresponsible and lethargic.

Tamala Krishna: Very selfish to keep one's daughter not married.

Prabhupada: But still, all the children are addicted to the mother. She does not do anything. I used to… Like that.

Tamala Krishna: They should be addicted to you.

Prabhupada: They all boka, rejected. Let them become happy in their own way. [break] …