Brahmotsava Celebrations - 2015

The last vahanotsava of the ongoing Brahmotsava celebrations at Sri Radha Krishna Temple, ISKCON, Bangalore was conducted on April 13, 2015.

Sri Radha Krishnachandra were beautifully adorned in Sita Rama Pattabhisheka alankara and were taken on a ride atop the Hanumad vahana. Lord Krishna was decorated as Kodandapani Rama and Srimati Radharani as mother Sita. Devotees pulled the vahana along the utsava route with much excitement accompanied by Harinama sankirtan.

Regarding the meaning of the name ‘Rama’, Srila Prabhupada writes in one of his books that those who are actually yogis truly enjoy and their enjoyment is unlimited. That unlimited enjoyment is real happiness, and such happiness is spiritual, not material. This is the real meaning of Rama, as in the chant Hare Rama. Rama means enjoyment through spiritual life.

In his book Rama-charita-manasa, Tulasi dasa, a great devotee of Lord Rama, glorifies some of the divine qualities of Lord Rama – Lord Rama is never disturbed; His transcendental body is eternal; He is greater than the greatest and smaller than the smallest; material contaminations cannot touch Him; He is the master or the proprietor of the whole universes; He is the great mine of mercy; He is the helmet of all kings, etc.

Brahmotsava 2015 - Nritya Seva

After the vahanotsava, nritya seva was offered by the artists of Sahrdaya Foundation. They performed a dance-drama titled Bhajananjali (Ramayana through bhajans). The dance-drama based on the Rama-charita-manasa by Tulasi dasa was choreographed by Sri Sheejith Krishna. The artists wonderfully enacted the story of Lord Rama which took the audience back to the times of the Ramayana.

Brahmotsava 2015 - Dolotsava

Nritya seva was followed by dolotsava of Their Lordships. During dolotsava, devotees performed melodious kirtans as Sri Sita Rama were gently swayed on a swing.

Finally shayana pallakki utsava was conducted concluding the day’s celebrations.