Fruit of chanting

Departure lecture Caracas Feb 25 1975

Prabhupada: (translated into Spanish by Hridayananda) So I thank you very much for your kindly receiving me in this temple, and I was very happy. So my request is that you continue your devotional service very faithfully and rigidly, then in this life you will be able to see Krishna face to face. That is a fact.

So you follow the advice, as given by Rupa Goswami, utsahat. The first thing is enthusiasm, that "I must see Krishna." You are seeing Krishna. The Deity of Krishna and Krishna is not different. But even personally we can see. Simply we have to continue the enthusiasm. Enthusiasm means to take things very seriously, utsahat dhairyat, and patiently.

Although we are determined to go back to home, back to Godhead, so we should patiently follow the rules and regulations.

So these are the six principles:

  1. enthusiasm 
  2. firm determination 
  3. patience 
  4. executing the regulative principles
  5. sato vritteh, means behavior must be very honest, no duplicity
  6. sadhu-sanga, and in the association of devotees.

If you follow these six principle, then your success is sure. So these are the six principle, positive. Sadbhir bhaktih prasidhyati: "By following these six principle, success is assured."

Similarly, there are opposite number. What is that?

  1. Atyaharah, eating too much. Atyaharah means eating too much or unnecessarily collecting too much. And prayasah.
  2. Prayasah means too much endeavoring for a thing, mean unnecessarily taking some anxiety. Don't do that. Atyaharah prayasah
  3. prajalpah, and talking nonsense, gossiping some subject matter which has no concern with Krishna consciousness. We are accustomed to do that. We should avoid it.
  4. Niyamagrahah means the positive rules and regulation, simply make a show but not actually realize it.
  5. laulyam is to become very greedy
  6. jana-sangas ca, and mixing with persons who are not devotee.

These six things should be avoided, and the first things should be followed. Then your success in devotional service is sure. (Hridayananda begins to translate and pauses)

Prajalpah, unnecessary gossiping. Just like people are wasting time taking one newspaper and talking for hours. These things should be avoided. And to associate with nondevotees. And greediness. These things should be avoided.

If you indulge in these six items, then your devotional service will be finished. And the first six principles means,…By these six principles, you will advance, and the other six principles, you will fall down.

Some Conclusions — In this departure lecture Srila Prabhupada is telling us that we can see Krishna in this lifetime, it is possible.

In other places in numerous letters he says at the end of this lifetime we can go back to Godhead.

In one place he tells us it usually takes another lifetime when we will go where Krishna is having His lila in some universe.

He also says if we are not making plans to go back to Godhead we are making plans to stay here in the material world and try to enjoy it. So believe what you want.