Today is the appearance day of Rukmini Devi, one of Krishna's primary queens in Dwaraka. She is the eternal consort of Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. She is the internal pleasure potency of the Lord. Whereas Srimati Radharani is Krishna’s consort in His childhood home of Vrindavana, Rukmini Devi is His chief queen in Dwaraka, His opulent capital. Special pujas are held at the Dwarkadish Temple in Mathura on this day.

Rukmini-harana – the kidnapping of Princess Rukmini-devi:

Krishna and Rukmini’s pastimes of battle, eloping and marriage attests to the dynamism and exuberance of Their divine activity. In fact, the fight preceding Their marriage has been compared to the great Churning of the Milk Ocean. Just as Vishnu obtained Lakshmi as His wife after churning of the ocean with the demons, Lord Krishna similarly obtained the hand of Srimati Rukmini-devi in marriage after the tumultuous battle against the demonic princes. And even among all of Lord Krishna’s sixteen thousand queens, Srimati Rukmini-devi is His most beloved one. Indeed the Skanda-purana declares, “Rukmini is in Dvaraka what Radha is in the forest of Vrindavana.” Sri Krishna and Srimati Rukmini chose each other because of Their eternal, transcendental love.

– Srimad Bhagavatam 10.52.17

In the Srimad Bhagavatam, Queen Rukmini personally relates the story of Her kidnapping: “My dear Draupadi, it was practically a settled fact that princes like Jarasandha and others wanted me to marry King Sishupala, and, as is usual, all the princes present during the marriage ceremony were prepared with their armor and weapons to fight with any rival who dared stop the marriage.

But Lord Krishna kidnapped me in the way a lion takes away a lamb from the flock. This was not, however, a very wondrous act for Lord Krishna, because anyone who claims to be a very great hero or king within this world is subordinate to the lotus feet of Lord Krishna. All the kings touch their helmets to the lotus feet of Lord Krishna.

My dear Draupadi, it is my eternal desire that life after life I may be engaged in the service of Lord Krishna, who is the reservoir of all pleasure and beauty. This is my only desire and ambition in life.”

Thus, Draupadi and all the women of the Kuru dynasty present were struck with wonder and admiration for Her and Her love for Lord Krishna.

Qualities of Rukmini Devi

1. Ruchirananam – whose face is charming
2. Hriya, vrida – shy
3. Sati – exalted, of saintly character
4. Buddhi – possessing intelligence
5. Lakshana – possessing auspicious bodily markings
6. Audarya – magnanimous
7. Sila – of proper behavior
8. Sadrshim bharyam – an ideal wife
9. Devim – the divine goddess
10. Asitapangi – dark-eyed
11. Mohinim – enchanting
12. Mahati – aristocratic
13. Dhira – sober-minded
14. Kulavati – of good family
15. Lakshanabhijna – an expert knower of bodily symptoms
16. Aradhito – having rendered devotional service
17. Mat-param, atmarpitas – dedicated exclusively to Krishna
18. Anavadyangim, Sobham – of flawless beauty
19. Suchismita – sweetly smiling
20. Yararoha – of lovely hips
21. Bimba-phala-adhara – glowing bimba red lips
22. Syama – firm breasts
23. Chalantim kalahamsa – walking with the motions of a royal swan
24. Su madhyamam – shapely waist
25. Govinda-hritamanasa – whose mind is stolen by Krishna
26. Gunashrayam – a repository of all other good qualities