Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir

This festive season, the Capital City’s tallest puja pandal decked up along the lines of a popular shrine will present the replica of Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir — the world’s tallest temple under-construction at Vrindavan, Mathura. Acknowledged for its concepts, Argora Puja Pandal is one the main centre of attractions during the Durga Puja.

From creating the facsimile of ‘Harry Potter Castle’ to crafting out the striking design of modern art-forms inspired from different subjects, this puja pandal stands out in the league of most admired pandals decorated annually here especially when it comes to design and decoration.

“Taking inspiration from Chandrodaya Temple design which when completed will be the tallest religious monument in the world, the puja pandal has been primed up. A replica of this temple has been created here which measures 105 feet in height and is the tallest puja pandal of the State Capital. Chandrodaya Temple measures 700 feet in height and is being constructed by ISKCON Foundation,” said Pankaj Sahu, member, Shri Durga Puja Evam Ravaan Dahan Samiti.

In an attempt to create similar ambiance, the artists of Kolkata have designed as many as 22 domes, similar to that of the main shrine. According to the puja samiti members, special illumination effects have been combined with the theme for more realistic presentation. Nearly five archways have been decorated at the entrance gate of the puja pandal while 20 small pergolas have been adorned inside the premises of the pandal with light and sound technology.

Festooned at the cost of Rs. 16 lakh, the puja pandal has additional features like entertainment zone including food court for the visitors. “The theme based puja pandal which is fast catching up the attention of denizens here has concepts ranging from rich architectural heritages to some contemporary designs but not many people are aware about Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir; hence, in an attempt to present some unique concept, this specific theme has been selected. Over two months of hard work and brainstorming, the artists were able to give proper shape to the theme,” added Sahu.

In the midst of the popular picks, the theme set up to fascinate the leisure buffs has been designed with the use of thermocol, ply sheets and plaster of paris. Besides the main theme, sculpts of deities have been given metallic finish while interior decoration has been kept little plain to match the ambiance of that of a holy place. The puja pandal was inaugurated amidst much fanfare on ‘Shasthi’ (sixth day of puja).

Source: the pioneer                                                                          Date: October 16, 2018