srila prabhupada

"There are two verses in the Chanakya Shloka how a family or an institution can be glorified or burned into ashes by one person. The Chanakya Pandit says that if there is one tree in the forest producing nice aromatic flower, [Srila Prabhupada] that one tree can glorify the whole forest by the flavor of its flower.

Similarly if there is one tree in whose cavity there is a little fire, that one tree can burn into ashes the whole forest. So this simile is applicable anywhere. In a family if there is one good boy, he can glorify the whole family and similarly if there is bad boy he can turn the whole family into ashes. Similarly in this institution if there is a bad disciple he can burn the whole institution into ashes."

——–(Srila Prabhupada Letter to Bali Mardan, August 25, 1970)

But the good news is this:

They are now feeling the weight of this movement. Formerly they thought these people come and go, but now they see we are staying. Now we have set fire. It will go on, it cannot be stopped. You can bring big, big fire brigades but the fire will act. The brainwash books are already there. Even if they stop externally, internally it will go on. Our first class campaign is book distribution.Go house to house. The real fighting is now. Krishna will give you all protection. So, chant Hare Krishna and fight. 

Formerly the cheating and criminal leaders of ISKCON thought the "ritviks' would come and go, even banned some of us from our spiritual masters temples,  but now they see we are not only staying but increasing in numbers and that the vast majority of devotees in and out of ISKCON want Prabhupadas Original books, not the changed ones !  And this totally infuriates them, but they can do nothing about it. Prabhupada once said the temples may come and go,but these books will remain and do everything!

The fire will act internally as Srila Prabhuapda mentions above. You cannot kill desire – by a fire brigade or managerial repression. As the general mass of devotees wake up, they will see what happened to the Original Hare Krishna Movement and what is now being done to correct all the problems.

 ——-Oct 30 1976 Letter