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Initiation lecture Sydney April 2 1972
The example can be given: just like an iron rod. It, put into the fire, it become warm, then warmer, warmer, and at last, it becomes red hot. When the iron rod is red hot, it is no longer iron rod; it is fire. Similarly, if you practice this spiritual way of life, the same way, gradually you will become completely spiritualized. Completely spiritualized means that no more material activities. That is possible. If we follow the process, we can turn our life from material contamination to pure spiritual life. And that will help us going back to home, back to Godhead. That's all.

…..So service we must give. That is our constitutional position. But that service is meant for rendering to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. So long we remain forgetful where our service should be given, that is called material life. When we come to that consciousness, that "I have to serve Krishna" that is spiritual life. That is difference between material life and spiritual life. We are serving. There is no doubt. We cannot be master. Any one of you who are present in this meeting, none of you can say that "I am the master." Every one of you, servant to somebody. That is our position. But that service is being rendered to mistaken places; therefore we are not happy, neither the person whom we are serving, they are happy. This is the position. But as soon as you serve Krishna, Shyamasundara, then you become happy, the whole world becomes happy. This is a great science. Try to understand.

Sri Ishopanishad, Mantra 2-4-Los Angeles, May 6, 1970

Prabhupada: Again from the beginning. (devotees repeat) Again. (devotees repeat) This is very important verse. Evam tvayi nanyathe…, nanyatha ato asti na karma lipyate nare. If you know it that everything belongs to Krishna, in this way if you live for hundreds of years and do your duties, there will be no reaction. The very thing is confirmed in the Bhagavad-gita: yajnarthat karmano nyatra loko yam karma-bandhanah [Bg. 3.9].

Except working for Krishna, any work will bind you, good or bad. If you do good work, you'll have to enjoy, so-called enjoyment. And if you do bad work, then you have to suffer. But if you work for Krishna, there is no such reaction. Na karma lipyate nare

SB 3.24.12 Purport – Brahma praises Kardama because he carried out the orders of the spiritual master in toto and without cheating. A conditioned soul in the material world has the disqualification of cheating. He has four disqualifications: he is sure to commit mistakes, he is sure to be illusioned, he is prone to cheat others, and his senses are imperfect. But if one carries out the order of the spiritual master by disciplic succession, or the parampara system, he overcomes the four defects. Therefore, knowledge received from the bona fide spiritual master is not cheating. Any other knowledge [or activity] which is manufactured by the conditioned soul is cheating only.

Letter to: Nithyananda — Delhi 12 November, 1971 : 71-11-12 :

An example of summary punishment is this: If you are sentenced to be hanged but instead you are given a simple pinprick, that is very nice. Krishna minimizes the devotee's suffering to the lowest. So long as one is engaged in devotional service, he is immune to the reactions of his past sinful activities, but if he chooses to give up this devotional service, then he has to undergo all these reactions.

Philosophy Discussions with Hayagriva -Plotinus —

Therefore the Krishna consciousness movement is so nice. Anyone who takes it seriously, he becomes immediately liberated, because liberation means to be engaged in Krishna's service. This is liberation. We are engaged in maya’s service. That is our bondage. But service we have to render. We are servant — either maya’s servant or Krishna's servant. Servant is our constitutional position. Jivera svarupa haya nitya Krishna dasa..Chaitanya Mahaprabhu says. Our real identity is eternal servant of Krishna. So even if he is…, are in this material body, if you are engaged in Krishna's service, that is liberation. Hitva anyatha rupam sva-rupena vyavasthitih. When we give up our otherwise life… "Otherwise life" means to be engaged in maya’s service — as the head of the family, head of the community, head or member of this and… We have designated in so many ways. So that is our conditional life. And the same service, when we render to Krishna cent percent, we are liberated. Sva-rupena vyavasthitih. That is mukti. When his senses are completely engaged in the service of Hrishikesha – Hrishikesha is another name of Krishna — that is called bhakti. Bhakti means the activities of liberated life. One may understand or not understand; if he is actually engaged in Krishna's service, under the direction of spiritual master, he is liberated. But if he voluntarily accepts again maya’s service, then he is become conditioned. This is the secret.