Prem Sarovar

Braj Yatra – an exploration of less heralded pilgrimage spots in Braj

By: Hare Krishna Movement – Vrindavan

Once, while Radha and Krishna were engaged in Their pastimes, Radha was sitting on the lap of Krishna. It so happened that at that time a honey bee started hovering around Radharani’s lotus face. Being disturbed by it, She tried to chase it away but it was persistent. Seeing this, one of the sakhas drove away the honey bee. After driving it away, he told Radharani, “I have driven Madhu away”. Hearing this, Radharani mistakenly thought that Madhu, Her Krishna, had gone away. Thinking thus, She started crying in the mood of separation, forgetting that She was sitting on Krishna’s lap. Seeing Radharani crying, Krishna also started crying. Their tears joined together and formed a kunda, called the Prem Sarovar.

Located near Barsana, Prem Sarovar is a serene, large sized pond. This beautiful pond is surrounded on all sides by various temples.

To reach here, one drives along the road from Barsana to Nandgaon for about a kilometer until one sees a large arch on one’s left, announcing “Prem Sarovar”. One turns left here and enters the arch and Prem Sarovar is about a 100m into this road.