Mahadevi dasi: The sweets were huge and thick and so creamy, and we wanted to be able to give these sweets to Prabhupada, who was going to visit a Prabhupada hut. The devotees there had made these little small huts made from straw and cow dung. So we were all running behind the men on the walk. So when Prabhupada was actually going in the hut, we stayed to the side and we got this plate all nicely made with a huge stack of maha sweets. And then we had tucked our poems around the plate so that Prabhupada could read these poems and letters later on. They were all from the sankirtan matajis there on the party. So we were standing beside one of the windows and I was thinking, “Oh, Prabhupada’s going to give them all out, and I’m not going to get one.” So as if he just read my heart, he looked directly at me and pointed his finger and held up the milk sweet that he had just bitten and it was passed through these devotees right to me. I was shaking and I could barely put the sweet in my mouth because I couldn’t believe that how did Prabhupada know that I was feeling that if I couldn’t have his personal association, maybe I could just have some connection with him. So this was his way of giving me a moment of his association.