Prabhupada put us directly i

Sukadev das: The day that we inaugurated the temple, it was Bhaktisiddhanta’s Disappearance. That day Prabhupada said, “I’m not going to sit on the vyasasan.”

He took Bhaktisiddhanta’s picture and put it on the vyasasan where he would normally sit. So we spent most of the day cooking and spending the day with Prabhupada.

And towards the end of the day we were reading the prayers that Prabhupada offered to his spiritual master, that famous Vyasa Puja offering.

Tamal Krishna started reading it and he started crying, and so then he gave it to Brahmananda.

And then Brahmananda started reading it and he started crying, he gave it to Gargamuni.

Then Gargamuni started reading it, he started crying.

So in this way it was handed down to different devotees, and eventually by Krishna’s grace we got through the reading.

Then after that Prabhupada had a kirtan, and Prabhupada was dancing with the devotees just like Lord Caitanya surrounded by His associates.

Prabhupada held up his hands and started dancing from side to side. I remember looking around and everybody was up dancing and chanting and crying uncontrollably.

Prabhupada put us directly into Caitanya lila, he was so powerful. You had a direct experience of Caitanya lila by his potency.