Tejiyas: Srila Prabhupada told a story about people in Spain who said it was an accident that Columbus discovered America — since he never intended to do it he shouldn’t be glorified for it. In every way they discredited Columbus. When this was brought before the Queen, Columbus said,” It wasn’t an accident.” So the Queen posed a challenge: “Without thought of different ways to get an egg stand on its end.” 

Everyone thought of different ways to get an egg to stand on end. When the others had finished, Columbus boiled the egg, tapped its end, and stood it up. Everyone protested but the Queen understood that Columbus was intelligent and he got the credit. Prabhupada told this story in relation to his god-brothers being envious of him and not wanting him to have credit for spreading Krishna consciousness.

Even now people say, “It was really Lord Chaitanya who spread Krishna Consciousness through the world.” It’s audacious and impersonal to say this, although in his humility and meekness that has happened is the mercy of Lord Chaitanya. It is all the kindness of my spiritual master. My spiritual master has sent me all of you to help me.” When Prabhupada said that, you knew he had no false ego. But at the same time, amazingly, Prabhupada knew who he was. It’s almost impossible to understand this — except from the position of pure devotional service.