Tejiyas: Several times I heard Prabhupada talk about change. “In general,” he said, “your disease is that you want to change everything.” Devotees changed Prabhupada’s instructions. For example, Prabhupada mentioned how devotees in Los Angeles had taken down the glass windows although he didn’t want that. But, at the same time, there were things that Prabhupada did want changed. For instance, he asked the editors to change the incorrect wording in the Gita — Hayagriva had put “cattle raising” instead of “cow protection” — and because of that and other mistakes, Prabhupada had once joked, ”Bhagavad-gita As It Is Not.” There were many such mistakes that needed correcting and Prabhupada sometimes got angry when we were slow to change those.

So there were things we weren’t supposed to change, and also, on his instructions, other things that some devotees were to change and review. But in general unnecessary changes were the overall disease. So we shouldn’t abuse those who were authorized to make changes. And those who were authorized should make only appropriate changes. But overall, better safe than sorry: don’t change like kirtan. In the beginning, after Prabhupada finished chanting Hare Krishna he would stop. Then devotees started introducing haribol from the Gaudiya math. Prabhupada said, “What is this haribol? Don’t simply say haribol, but do it. Chant his name.” or the “jaya jaya gurudev.” Prabhupada said, “Which gurudeva?”

One of the Prabhupada’s pet peeves was “Prabhupada said.” He said, “Who said ‘Prabhupada said’? When did I say? I never said. You are always saying ‘Prabhupada said.’ Stop this.” It became a problem.