By: Sri Mukunda Dasa (Los Angeles, USA)

These foolish persons, they do not know what is the ultimate goal of their life. Na te viduh svartha-gatim hi visnum [SB 7.5.31]. They do not know that their self-interest… Everyone is self-interest(ed). Everyone is eager to look after his self-interest, but they do not know what is the self-interest.

– Class in Los Angeles, November 15, 1968

What should we be hearing?

Is it really important to hear that this "Swami" or that "Swami" is doing something contrary to Srila Prabhupada's instructions, teachings and example?  Is that something new?  Something we have never heard of before?  Is anyone really shocked to hear that Radhanatha Swami is playing blues harmonica?  That Indradyumna Swami is having subtle sex with young girls?  That this guru is gambling with business ventures and that guru is doing "this and that and the other!!!”

"No, really?"
"Yeah, Prabhu he got caught!"
"Oh My"

Who is surprised by this?  I certainly am not.  What I am surprised by, is how many devotees are surprised by this type of nonsense.  Where have they been?  Guru scandals of every kind are old news.  Let's see, what's more sinister, murdering the Sampradaya Acharya's disciples,  molesting the children, exploiting the women, stealing the Sampradaya Acharya's money, or playing blues harmonica?

"Prabhu, watch this video of him, he's playing blues harmonica…"

"No, really… the one that killed Sulochana?  Wow, Harmonica, what's next Prabhu, what's next?"

And I'm not surprised to hear that this or that devotee has been banned from this temple or that temple for exposing the GBC or the temple authorities.  Where have you been, Prabhu?  That's been going on for years.  Oh you didn't care until it happened to you, I see.

"One should chant and preach about the urgency of making this life perfect in all respects. One should thus engage in the devotional service of the Lord and follow in the footsteps of previous acharyas, beginning with Lord Brahma and others."

– Srimad Bhagavatam, 4.24.67 purport

 "Therefore, this Krishna consciousness is very urgent necessity for the human society. They should learn how to love Krishna. Then everything will be adjusted, very easily. It is not utopian theory; it is practical…"

– Lecture: Sri Brahma-samhita, Verse 34,  San Francisco, September 13, 1968