Temples and monasteries should be constructed for the preaching of spiritual consciousness or Krishna consciousness, not to provide free hotels for persons who are useful for neither material nor spiritual purposes. Temples and monasteries should be strictly off limits to worthless clubs of crazy men. In the Krishna consciousness movement we welcome everyone who agrees at least to follow the movement's regulative principles – no illicit sex, no intoxication, no meat-eating and no gambling. In the temples and monasteries, gatherings of unnecessary, rejected, lazy fellows should be strictly disallowed.  

The temples and monasteries should be used exclusively by devotees who are serious about spiritual advancement in Krishna consciousness. The first business of the devotee is to preach Krishna consciousness, but if, by the grace of Krishna, facilities are available, and then he may construct temples and monasteries to give shelter to the serious students of Krishna consciousness. Otherwise such temples and monasteries are not needed.

We are creating so many centers. We are teaching how to become fortunate, how to go back to home, how he can be happy eternally. Now, if one is fortunate, they will take this instruction and turn his life. So we are giving them chance to become fortunate. This is our mission. The most unfortunate is getting the chance of becoming fortunate.

By Smita Krishna Dasa