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It seems to be human nature to react to things with only the skills and information we already have acquired, and not often does it occur to us that perhaps we should research a matter to carefully determine facts from fiction, truth from falsity, wheat from chaff, and accuracy from hyperbole. After all, this would entail a very time consuming and disciplined approach to a very many issues that arise regularly, and who has that kind of time or discipline? At least the wiser ones will know when they know something for sure or do not, while the common man simply reacts spontaneously, emotionally, and often irrationally even when ill-equipped to really understand the reality of the situation. So when presented with the claims by some that there is now solid evidence that Srila Prabhupada was poisoned with cadmium at catastrophic and lethal levels in 1977, almost certainly by some of his senior disciples, the reaction by many is… well, rather unscientific and illogical.

Of course, that is human nature. Very few have the discipline to admit they don’t know something, or will they take the time necessary (if they even have the ability to do so) to properly study a matter before coming to an “informed opinion.” Therefore we have all sorts of comments, statements, doubts, and objections regarding Srila Prabhupada’s poisoning that would be enough to confuse anyone if that’s all we looked at. We should know not to form our opinions from the uninformed opinions and speculations of others, and we should know instead do our own careful research. Because few are able to do this, or have the time to do this, our team, the Truth Committee, has spent about 100 man-years to ferret out the facts and evidence in Srila Prabhupada’s disappearance pastimes and compile them all into an 800+ page book which is offered free to anyone via online download. This resource is without question the most complete and accurate available on this issue anywhere.

This is the one resource with all the materials one needs, through the use of one’s discretion, intelligence, and common sense, to form a qualified, proper, and informed opinion on this grave issue. This issue is not an insignificant one; it is the most weighty issue that faces the entire Hare Krishna movement today. Therefore, rather than simply respond whimsically and based on insufficient knowledge of the facts, histories, testimonies, evidences, analyses, and science of the matter, it is recommended that one consult the above-mentioned reference material for study. Very quickly it will be seen if this book is worthy of further study and has the ring of truth or not; it will be immediately clear that the book is not based on conjecture, guesswork, or distorted information.

Yet some will be afraid that the paradigm that they have become accustomed to might be challenged or invalidated by one’s own intelligence when studying the facts presented therein? If so, such a person cannot be seen as a true seeker of the truth. He has no faith in the process of scientific research, or he has insufficient strength or discipline to actually do that research, or he is dishonest and wants to continue to live in his delusions without the constant refreshing of his intelligence with the exercise of fearlessly venturing to discover a finer and higher truth and meaning to things.

Other than this problem of intellectual laziness and lack of interest in achieving progressive improvements in one’s understanding of things, such as the evidence that Srila Prabhupada was poisoned, another weapon in maya’s arsenal is the ad hominem attacks by corrupted parties. ISKCON leadership had made a massive show of bearing false witness in their Not That I Am Poisoned book. In particular, they concentrated on discrediting myself and other “poison theorists” in various ways in hopes that this would prejudice others from listening to the messenger who had a valid message based on facts and evidence. They tried to paint myself as dishonest, untrustworthy, a troublemaker, etc. And it is an effective tactic when dealing with the public, who tends to be emotional and trusting and easily swayed. So, it may be necessary to clear the air somewhat on these false accusations, and establish that my so-called “bad reputation” is the result of decades of misinformation from ISKCON leaders who would wish that Nityananda das and other bad news messengers would just disappear and go away.

Reluctantly, much of this was addressed in Kill Guru, Become Guru, Part One: Chapter 52: Bearing False Witness, where it is explained how ISKCON leadership and its supporters have borne false witness in many instances. The case about my supposed breach of a real estate contract with Suddhajiva das is explained also. In summary, I was the victim of collusion between Suddhajiva and Bhakticharu with extortion and an attempt to fleece myself of money and land. In the end, after a legal battle, Suddhajiva lost and I was fully exonerated. These false accusations were featured in Not That I Am Poisoned, as well as accusations of being a wacko, emotionally disturbed, wanting revenge, being callous to Srila Prabhupada’s departure, and labeled as an envious person, agent of Kali, and blasphemer. This is what happened to Pradyumna das in 1978, Yasodanandana das in 1979, and so many others since then. Anyone who opposes the corrupt misleadership of ISKCON is made out to be lower than a dog and to be hated, avoided, and synonymous with a leper outcaste. This was my fate for following my conscience, and the fate of perhaps thousands of Srila Prabhupada’s pre-1978 disciples.

The year 1983 was pivotal in my life. Narayan das, ISKCON’s paralegal working on the Robin George case, asked me discretely on behalf on the GBC whether I would be willing to be the “fall guy” at the upcoming trial, and I foolishly agreed, willing to do anything for Srila Prabhupada’s ISKCON. At the trial I testified that the GBC knew nothing about where Robin George was being hidden, and that I alone was responsible for hiding her from her parents. But the jury did not believe me and ISKCON was handed a $32 million judgement, later effectively reduced to $5 million in bankruptcy court. The truth is that two GBC members, Jayatirtha and Jagadish, were both responsible, in full knowledge and involvement, for personally arranging Robin George’s movements and hiding her from the authorities, with my compliant and foolish participation as their servant. Thereafter I was blamed by ISKCON leaders for the great loss, although the fact is that the case could have been settled for $70,000 in 1981: I know this because I was present at that GBC meeting in Miami.

I was made the scapegoat for the Robin George case. This is what they do to those who surrender in trust their life and reputation- use, abuse, and dispose, before moving on to new victims. The real estate contract in North Carolina, Robin George, and other incidents are employed by a corrupt leadership to deflect their own failures onto loyal servants who are conveniently expendable. Of course, I was later characterized as a demon for promoting open discussion about many important ISKCON issues in the Vedic Village Review, and I was then excommunicated in 1990 for being, as Tamal stated at the time, “public enemy number one.” When I published Someone Has Poisoned Me in 1999 with the facts and evidence about Srila Prabhupada’s poisoning, my demonization simply increased.

No one should be disparaged by false witness and untruths. I was a temple president for 21 years, opened three temples, and had a hand in bringing many devotees to Krishna consciousness. Aside from a few years in the nineties, when I was totally discouraged by corruption in the organization to which I had given my youth and life, hard work and wealth, I have always chanted my rounds and followed the principles. I have been a devotee since 1969 and my only concern is the restoration of ISKCON to the proper standards enunciated by Srila Prabhupada. Those who actually know me personally can verify that my motives for bearing the message of truth with facts and evidence is simply to serve my spiritual master, and nothing else. It is a thankless task that I do not enjoy and it is a tremendous burden that I would never wish even on any so-called enemy.

So we should not become distracted from examining the facts and evidence in Srila Prabhupada’s poisoning, getting sidelined into speculating about irrelevant matters. Srila Prabhupada himself made it very clear that he was being poisoned, and for those who doubt his words, now there is clear and conclusive scientific proof:

  1. He was poisoned with cadmium at levels about 250 times above the average normal person.
  2. Caretaker senior disciples were discussing this poisoning on tape recordings in late 1977.
  3. This cadmium poisoning cannot be explained as due to medicine, food, herbs, oils, or any other accidental .cause- it must be a deliberate, homicidal poisoning because the levels are so high.

Further, ISKCON has covered up the evidence, denied obvious facts, and dishonestly, fraudulently sabotaged any true investigation into the matter. This speaks volumes of their corruption and complicity in the poisoning. The poisoners are still there and in control of ISKCON today, and the sincere devotees want to find out who they are, remove them, and undo all their poisonous activities, policies, and doctrines that have spoiled the mission since 1978. Calling Nityananda das or “poison theorists” a rascal, demon, untrustworthy, etc will not make the facts and evidence go away, which should be examined on their own merit, regardless of the messenger. What messenger is perfect anyway, other than Srila Prabhupada?

Another distraction from the facts and evidence is the suggestion that the messengers are interested in taking the place of the GBC because they are materially motivated for power, prestige, and followers. This is laughable and ironic because this is what motivated the poisoners to poison Srila Prabhupada and then hijack the movement as zonal acharyas in 1978. The Truth Committee wants truth and a restoration of the mission; it would be best to have a new set of leaders from the second or third generations of devotees. For myself, I am happy on the farm in Fiji, thank you, and have no interest to go anywhere or do anything else.

Recently Mayeswara das put out a so-called rebuttal of the poison evidence, but upon close inspection we find that it:

  1. Is filled with Nazi-style cartoons which are bizarre and distasteful from any point of view.
  2. Has misconstrued the evidence by distorting, misquoting, and outright adulterating it.
  3. For example, he refers to some hair dust that was insufficient for testing but that the Truth Committee tested it anyways, hoping to extract some findings.
  4. Whereas the truth is that the mass of all the hair samples was more than sufficient for accurate testing results, and that AFTER the tests, they were reduced to dust by the radiation used in neutron activation analysis.
  5. And, for example, he proposes that since many devotees ate Srila Prabhupada’s maha prasadam throughout 1977 and did not become ill, that his food was not poisoned and therefore Srila Prabhupada could not have been poisoned.
  6. Whereas, obviously, this proves nothing. Poisoners would know not to poison food that would be distributed to others lest they be caught! There were many possible avenues for administering poison, perhaps done only once a month, perhaps in drinks or otherwise which were not distributed. As of now, we do not know exactly how the poison was administered, but that it is certain from the three hair tests of Samples D, A, and Q-2, all certified and authenticated by none other than Hari Sauri das himself.

The discussions about this issue are progressive and welcome because the result is a growing awareness by the general devotees about what exactly the facts and evidence is, even though ISKCON misleaders and their blind supporters inject unnecessary and non-useful distractions into the conversation. Please be wary in the struggle to separate light from darkness. Only you can do this, by being honest, using your own intelligence, and not being compromised by complicity with the forces of darkness. Jaya Prabhupada!

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