banke-bhihari Just like if you want to talk with some big man, then you must have qualification. Is it possible that if you want to talk with the big man here, immediately you like? No. You cannot talk. You must be fit to talk with him. Similarly, Krishna is ready to talk with you. He has come. He has descended in archa-murthi (Deity form) to talk with you, to be visible by you. Now you make yourself ready and fit to talk with Krishna. Then He will exchange conversation. Santah sadaiva hridayeshu vilokayanti. This is possible……Srimad Bhagavatam Lecture, Bombay December 4, 1974  

When we simply remember to accept the control of Krishna and not to act independently then all fortune is automatically present.  Letter Brahmananda December 11, 1968

Therefore my Guru Maharaja introduced… You have seen the, what is called? That signia? One side, pancharatriki-vidhi, one side bhagavata-viddhi. That is… I have seen that Gaudiya Math emblem. Yes. And, so actually, Bhagavata-marga is very strong. That is sufficient. But without pancharatrika-vidhi this polluted body, polluted mind of the devotee, cannot be purified. Therefore both the process (hearing,chanting & deity worship) should be adopted in preaching Krishna consciousness movement. Srimad Bhagavatam Lecture, 6.2.24-25, February 13, 1971 Gorakhpur