Braj Yatra – an exploration of less heralded pilgrimage spots in Braj

By: Hare Krishna Movement – Vrindavan

Kedarnath is another of the char dham spots called forth for by Lord Krishna to Braj, so that Nanda Maharaj and Yashoda mayi could fulfill their vow of visiting this pilgrimage spot for getting a child. Kedarnath is the abode of Lord Shiva. Kedarnath of Braj is located atop a tall hillock.

The hillock is surrounded by agricultural fields and provides a panoramic view which is interesting.

At the bottom of the hillock is a temple of Sri Ramachandra with beautiful deities of Sri Sri Sita Ram Lakshman Hanuman.

There is a steep flight of steps from the bottom of the hillock to the top, and it is an exhausting climb, indeed. Definitely not for the weak kneed!

The Shiva Linga at the top of the hillock is inside a small cave. One has to crawl in on all of one’s fours to be able to have
Darshan of the Shiva Linga. Opposite the Shiva Linga are two marble deities of Lord Brahma and Ganesha.