BENGALURU: Amid the ongoing controversy and discussions over adding eggs, and onion and garlic in mid-day meals for students of government schools, the primary and secondary education department is now thinking of adding a fruit in the menu.

As per the preliminary discussions going on in the department, seasonal fruits could be served every day or every alternate day to the children. Officials say this idea emerged after questions were raised over the Akshaya Patra Foundation excluding garlic and onion in the food preparations, for which the department issued the non-profit organisation a notice.

The department has now written to the Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI), seeking information on the nutritional value added by garlic and onion in the meal, and which food, vegetable or fruit can replace that. 

“Once we receive the reply, the final decision will be taken about introducing fruit in the menu,” a senior official said.

Akshaya Patra Foundation is also positive about providing fruit to the students. Naveena Neerada Dasa, head, Strategic Communication and Projects, said, “In Hyderabad and Telangana, we already follow the practice of giving fruit with the meal.” 


The guidelines issued by the Ministry for Human Resource Development on the mid-day meal scheme do not have specific instructions or preference about fruits, egg, onion or garlic. It specifies 50 gm rice per student of a primary school, and 100 gm rice for each high school student, while laying down the need to provide carbohydrate and protein in the meal.  

Source: NewIndianExpress                                    Dated: 18th December 2018