Jayapataka Maharaja

Jayapataka Swami was born as Gordon John Erdman to John Hubert and Lorraine Erdman on April 9, 1949, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Jayapataka’s Character

Personal witness account by his female disciple  
Originally posted on Istagosthi Forum http://istagosthi.org/ August 03, 2004 

In the late 80s I travelled with sadguru Jayapataka.

I considered myself blessed by causeless mercy and good fortune for such an honour. Over the following 2 years my faith in Iskcon gurus, leaders and even the science of KC was dissolved gradually and systematically.

Some cold facts of Jayapataka’s non-acharya, guru- or faithful disciple-profile were made very plain to me… said cold facts include…

Jayapataka does not chant his rounds, for days on end he wouldn’t pick up his bead bag or clicker…

Jayapataka was incapable of pronouncing the words Hare, Krishna and Rama, the GBC knows this and even assigned one of his disciples to sit and listen and then report, the report was in the negative. Even though the devotee was completely sold out to Jayapataka, he was honest. The only time JPS will pronounce the mantra clearly is, when making a big show, as in Mayapur when on the rare occasion of him turning up for japa period.

He will dominate the atmosphere, sitting on his ostentatious seating arrangement, calling out occasionally to “enliven everyone”…

While travelling, he would hardly ever attend the morning program, only making an entrance to give class, he would prepare for this by having a little read of comic book [folk tales and myths of India ] sourced from a Calcutta train station.

I never witnessed any study of Srila Prabhupada’s books … On occasion he would fall asleep giving class…

He undoubtedly has an eatirng disorder and packs it away in a manner embarrassing to those with him in public. On the plane he would have 10 course take out feasts, and in meetings with non devotee professionals who were visibly shocked and disgusted, he would gorge himself on feasts personally served by his “servants” while others would have a simple lunch.

Maybe I was a little too sensitive to other’s reactions… he would have a young female disciple wash his kaupins regularly, [he doesn’t wash his own, if there’s someone else to do it]

He (Jayapataka) is violent, I saw him beat a devotee round the face whilst on the Calcutta Rath Cart, he thought it was his disciple but it turned out to be his god brother.

I witnessed him give orders for gangs of fiery brahmacharis to go and sort various problems out…

He threatened to “spill my blood” for humbly expressing doubts over the contradictory behaviour I had seen, at first he said he couldn’t remember anything then looking into my eyes pitifully told me he thinks he has Alzheimer’s and doesn’t know what’s going on anymore…

He is regularly dishonest, too many instances to write about here, but one example hails from our waiting in line at the airport whereupon he lets rip with a huge **** everyone in the place turned to look at him, his immediate reaction was to glare at me in a shaming and blaming way…. he would fly into hellish rages and accuse those around of causing all sorts of problems for which he was responsible…

There are many more examples of heartless and cruel behaviour regarding Jayapataka, all of which I personally witnessed, [no need for hearsay and rumour for me to fully realize he is not quite the pure devotee he would have us believe]. I don’t think they all need listing, maybe if it comes to court, something like Nuremburg, I will be there.

His main thing is psychic vampirism, a major method is public shaming, he would do this in crowded airports sometimes screaming and baring his teeth like a monster or at least in front of a group of devotees, such as in New Talavan where he shamed an innocent young girl for not bowing down before him “what’s up ******* don’t you pay your obeisances to Sannyasi anymore” he said it so mean, and all the other devotees gave her disgusted threatening looks, this was a young child standing outside her home just watching the devotees go by.

His idea of healing the problems devotees have in their relationships was to side with one party and gang up on the other so there is, so to speak, a winner, he just caused more trouble wherever he went…
One last thing to finish it for me was when I tried to forget it all and take it as my own faultfinding. I returned to Mayapur in the late 90s to get “purified”, he was giving class [no matter what the original topic was he would only harp on about his right to be worshiped]

I was sitting to his side when it appeared that his features had changed, and he looked a bit scary, as soon as this entered my mind he stopped speaking and slowly turned to face me, this I swear is no exaggeration, his face was fully demonic and filled with wrath, it even changed colour and became grey with red eyes, he knew I could see him and didn’t seem to like it at all.

I wasn’t really fazed with his glaring rage and thought of him as a real unfortunate who has got himself in a right tangle. I am sure that one will not hold up in court…. but I believe I had real darshan… what would Omkara or Acharya or Mahatma do after such experiences? Would they still follow blindly? or could they perhaps face the truth that these people are posing as gurus and pure devotees while reaping a terrible carnage in the hearts and lives of sincere souls? They are the greatest ********s.

It is all there right in your face. Do you really not get it! Like you guys, many of the Bengali devotees consider him the Acharya of Iskcon, he does not seem to mind that misconception at all, they also think he is selflessly travelling and preaching the science of KC all over the world, not true. He plays this role as his image of a world acharya, when in fact one of the main reasons he travels outside of Mayapur and India is to keep away from those natives in his zone, because, quote ”they drive me craaazzy ” and collect more money and unwitting disciples to enforce his own little deluded empire.

He takes complete advantage of the natural devotional nature of the Bengalis to live out this grandiose delusional fantasy without a care in the world as to his own madness [I for one am convinced he is seriously in need of psychological help].

Devotees sometimes cite his service history as proof of his divineness, not it seems realizing that there are many other unsung heroes who worked harder and more devotionally than him on those very projects he takes so much credit for. The difference is, they are humble Vaishnavas and therefore shun any wonderful displays of “specialness” and showbottleism within the society of devotees.

By nature he seems to be a ruthless politician at heart and would think nothing of having someone beaten or [if he thought he could get away with it] killed if they stand between him and his fame, even those who now defend him or similar regimes.

He comes first, he has to be the biggest, best and baddest, or he gets very upset indeed, he runs on image, take that out of the picture and all you have left is someone in severe need of clinical attention.

Am I straying from the facts here?? This is 14 years on for me and I am still disturbed and troubled. The GBC etc., know all this and much, much more but still he reigns. What a f*****up useless cult.

Last night I had a dream of Jayapataka [it inspired me to post again] he came calling at my place in a travelling Vyasasana mobile [really] and wanted me to go with him again, I agreed thinking, “wow my guru has come for me personally”, I went to get my things from my room and found a whole flock of birds had come in through the window, all types really colourful and lively, in particular there were lots of humming bird types, so beautiful and delicate… they allowed me to catch some of them to show to Jayapataka, I held them carefully in my closed palms and was just about to reveal them to Jayapataka, when he quickly and forcefully blew on my hands, all the life energy which I felt fluttering and vibrating in my palms left. As I opened them all that remained were lifeless and featherless bodies… (any dream analysts out there?) maybe more later….

yours desiring love and peace… sri fruitcake apada


Dasdasi: I think your dream is pretty obvious even from the dream itself as well as everything you said in both your posts. Certainly you know you should never go anywhere with JP either in body or mind. In your dream he killed those birds in your hands just by blowing. If he could blow them to death what would happen if you got any closer? Stay away from Jayapataka and some of the other ones as well. Some of them put up good external shows but inside they are just like Jayapataka.

Nitaichandra: If indeed it is true that you had a special vision of Jayapataka, then maybe you saw his subtle body (aura), and also his original, real (?) features (theoretically supposing he is a demoniac creature envious of Prabhupada, while leaving the possibility open that none of the above is true). So if he really is a demon who has been exposed by your subtle vision, then also many claims made by other people might also be true (poison issue, takeover plans, enforced ritualistic jackboot-licking , orchestrated child-abusing by cheerleader-pooja as good as Jesus qualified to assist Radha-Krishna in divine lilas, book changes …). That gives rise to the question if he has not incarnated (among others) especially for that purpose (usurping and destroying Prabhupada’s mission)?


Omkara: The anecdotes you have mentioned all sound very out of character to me and borderline delusional. I don’t believe them.

Really? How much personal experience do you have to be such an expert on his character? As for my borderline delusions, I would say they were mostly confined to accepting false gurus [3 altogether] and thinking the upper echelons gave a flying f—- about my spiritual well being, please clarify which anecdotes seem delusional and I may clarify in return, don’t forget Jayapataka at least at one time had more faith in tantric ghost busting to solve just about any problem than in the holy name. However, since they are your personal recollections, the only one I can attest to be wrong is, he was giving class [no matter what the original topic was he would only harp on about his right to be worshiped]—- how can you attest? Were you there? I was referring to a specific time period, the same time period when he led a march of around 300 ‘disciples’ on the temple in Mayapur when his right to be worshipped was in question by the GBC, also in this same period he read out, somewhat resentfully, an apology from the GBC concerning the original 11 admitting they had committed ‘the greatest offence to the devotees of Iskcon’ this was just after Harikesh split with a ton of $$$ and the heat was on. It’s not a lie, I don’t need to print lies, I am making a great effort in my life to live with truth. It’s not easy for us to do that, but I do realise if I lie about such serious things I am setting myself up for more torment. This is an obvious lie. (yeah, I’m sure all he did in every class was talk about how he should be worshipped. That sounds real credible.) I suspect that the rest of what you have written is equally motivated.


What I have written about Jayapataka is motivated by what? Truth and freedom are my motivational aspirations. If I can be supportive of those with similar directions by exposing blatant hypocrisy then I feel satisfied, I have seen some of my friends go crazy, kill themselves and come to hate with a vengeance the cult which fu***d them up, so much they need to take medication to keep their sanity.You may be living in a bit of denial if you don’t mind me saying such, denigrating others pain by dismissing them as delusional liars is on par with the hurtful cult dynamics currently employed in Iskcon, what exactly is your motivation?

Regarding my experience of seeing Jayapataka as demon-like for a few moments – I don’t see him as full blown demon specifically incarnating to disrupt Srila Prabhupada’s mission.

He was a young extremely intelligent man with great [material] future ahead of him, he gave it all up after reading about Buddha and was on route to India when he met the devotees and surrendered to SP, he applied himself as only he can in a focussed obsessive way, then one day he was told he was a guru [not by SP though] so he applies himself to that in similar 100% fashion.

His whole id is that of guru on the same level of Srila Prabhupada. Now that unfortunately, is delusional. The stresses and strains of maintaining that particular illusion and receiving and expecting massive lavish worship would warp any sane mind no matter how smart, is it not?

His demonic visage which I glimpsed in all its wrath was, I believe a manifestation of extreme attachment, threatening any who would challenge, and it’s sort of understandable to me, that’s why I consider him as “in a right tangle” that’s what happens to all of us when we are implicated in deception, no doubt, this is nature how things work.

Omkara do you think I am the only ‘servant’ to have witnessed these things and rejected him as a guru? Do you have idea of the turnover rate of his disciples? I personally do not hate Jayapataka or any one [I don’t think] I have seen the man behind the madness and I could really get on with him, but at the moment I consider him trapped in a false world.

As I have ventured to speak my mind in all honesty please refrain from replying with more insults and perhaps furnish us with your personal experience and again, your motivations.

yours desiring love and peace… sri fruitcake apada