Through a joint initiative by the Akshaya Patra and Infosys, 110 government schools are being provided with drinking water.  TOI on June 30, 2018 in its report ‘No Infosys fund, NGO stops drinking water in schools’ had stated that the drinking water supply had been discontinued by Akshaya Patra. The report was based on the information provided by the NGO.

Akshaya Patra has now issued a statement and clarified that the initiative started in 2015 with the help of Infosys foundation who generously granted the monetary help of Rs 2.78 crore temporarily until Askhaya Patra finds a permanent solution of the problem from government or local bodies. The statement reads, “A corpus of Rs 5 crores was even provided by the corporation. With this money we supplied clean drinking water to 1.6 lakh children in 850 schools for three years and will keep on providing to 20,000 students in 110 schools in 2018. We are making all the possible efforts to ramp the program to the earlier scale as soon as possible.”

Infosys too released a statement claiming that the interest generated from corpus continues to be used for this project every year. “There is no additional funding request for this project with the Infosys foundation but they are willing to help Akshaya Patra in future in any such project,” it read. 

Source: The Times Group – e-paper                                  Dated: July 03, 2018