1.) Conversation, June 23, 1976, New Vrindaban                

Devotee (4): The difficulty is that we cannot understand, we cannot feel what pleases Krishna now, yet we can feel what pleases us, and that is the difficulty?

Prabhupada: You have no feeling, that everyone knows. Therefore you have to carry out the order of spiritual master, that's all.

Devotee (1): If we try to please Krishna with all of our service and activities, that automatically brings pleasure to the self?

Prabhupada: You cannot please Krishna directly. You please your spiritual master, Krishna will be pleased. If you want to please directly Krishna, that is not possible. That is concoction. You cannot please.

Yasya prasadad bhagavat-prasadah. You have to please your spiritual master, then Krishna will be pleased. Don't jump. Guru-mukha-padma-vakya, cittete koriya aikya. What is that song you daily sing? What is that?

Pradyumna: By the words of the spiritual master our mind becomes conclusive from…

Prabhupada: Ara na koriha mane asa. Don't concoct. Don't you sing daily? Ara na koriha mane asa. Don't manufacture ideas. That is dangerous. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu teaches by His example. Guru more murkha dekhi' karila sasana. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu said to Prakasananda Sarasvati that "My spiritual master saw Me fool number one, so he has chastised Me, that 'Don't try to read Vedanta; chant Hare Krishna.'  Just hear.

2.) Lecture, Tokyo, April 20, 1972                 

Try to understand. Have questions and answer. It is very important thing.  Atma-mayam rte rajan. Except atma-maya, the illusory energy… It is the maneuver or handling of the illusory energy of Krishna. This illusory energy develops when we forget Krishna. That's all. It is… In other words, this illusory identification of me with the body is simply due to my forgetfulness. We wanted to forget, we wanted to give up Krishna and wanted to enjoy this material world. Therefore Krishna is giving us…

Just like when you play some part in a drama, if you feel that "I am king," then you can talk very nicely. And if you feel that "I am Karandhara," then you cannot play nicely king. Is it not? Feeling must be there. If you are playing the part of a king, then you must have the same courage and belief that "I am king." You have to forget that you are Karandhara. Then your part will be very nicely played. It will be appreciated.

But if you think simultaneously that "I am Karandhara. I am taking, playing the part of the king," then you cannot play. So because we wanted to play the part of Krishna, enjoyer, Krishna is giving us chance that "You feel like Me." – "I am king. I am Krishna. I am God." (laughter) All these rascals, those who are feeling like that, "I am master. I am king. I am Krishna. I am God," they are all simply in that feeling only.

That's all. And this feeling is created by Krishna: "All right. You want to play the part of a king. I shall train you in such a way." Just like director means, dramatic director means, he creates a feeling. His direction is nothing but how to feel.

Sometimes we played in our younger age Chaitanya-lila. I introduced. And one big director, Amrtalal Chosa, he was just like grandfather. He was one of the, just like in England Shakespeare and others, big, big dramatic, well-known persons. This Amrtalal Chosa and Girish Chandra Chosa, they introduced in India theatric… So we called him to give us direction. He was giving us direction, and repeatedly he was telling that "You feel like that," especially to me. "You feel like that." So actually, when we played according to his direction, the audience were all crying. And we could not understand how they cried. We could not understand. On the stage when we played, it was so perfect that all audience were crying. Actually we saw they were smearing over their eyes with… But the whole thing is artificial, but the effect to the audience became so nice. So similarly, we are… Actually we have nothing to do with this material world, But we have been trained by the illusory energy in such a way that we are thinking, "I am Indian. I am American. I am this. I am that. I am brahmana. I am sudra. I have to do this. I have got so much duty," all these illusions, simply thinking. We have nothing to do with all this nonsense, but still, we are taking it very serious. "I have to do like that. I have to do like that. I am this. I am that." That's all. That is explained. Atma-mayam rte rajan: "Except by the influence of that atma-maya, the illusory energy of Krishna…"

…Just like a man seeing dream: "Oh, there is tiger, tiger, tiger, tiger! Save me!" He is crying. Another man is, "Where is tiger? Why you are crying? Where is tiger?" But he, in the dream, he is actually feeling:

"The tiger has attacked me." Therefore this example is given, na ghatetartha-sambandhah. There cannot be any meaning of this relationship except like a man dreaming and he is creating a situation. He is dreaming there is a tiger and he is creating a situation, fearful situation. Actually there is no cause of fear. There is no tiger. That situation is created by dream. Actually there is no tiger. Similarly we have created this material world and activity. People are running, "Oh…, sonh, sonh, sonh, sonh, sonh, sonh, sonh," identifying that "Oh, I am the manager. I am the factory owner. I am this, I am that. We have got his politics. We have to defeat such competitors." All these things are created exactly like that, svapna-drastur ivanjasa, just like a man is creating his particular situation simply by dream. That's all.

So the answer is, when somebody asks you that "When one has become in contact with this material nature?" He has not become in contact. He is thinking by the influence of the external energy. Just like the same example: A man is dreaming; there is no contact with tiger. Actually he has no contact with that. Similarly, actually we are not fallen. We cannot be fallen. But we have created a situation that we are, become… Try to understand. It is very important point. We have simply created a situation. We have not created a situation, Krishna has given us a situation. Because we wanted to imitate Krishna, so Krishna has given an opportunity: "All right. Imitate. You want to be imitation king in the stage. So feel like this. Play like this. Do like this. People will applaud. 'Oh, a very nice king, very nice.' " That is the… So everyone in this material world, they are playing some part. They wanted, "I want to be prime minister." "All right." "I want to become very big business magnate." "I want to be leader." "I want to be a philosopher." "I want to be a scientist." So all this nonsense, they are trying to play – Krishna is giving him the opportunity: "All right." But it is a nonsense, all nonsense. Simple dreaming. Just like you are dreaming. Next moment when the dream is gone, everything is finished. No more tiger, no more jungle, no more… Everything is finished. Similarly, so long this body is continuing, I am thinking, "I am a responsible leader, I am this, I am that." But as soon as this body is finished, oh, these are gone.

… Therefore the first sinful will of the living entity is to become the Lord, and the consequent will of the Lord is that the living entity forgets his actual life and thus dreams of the land of utopia where he may become one like the Lord…' Thus in dream only the misconception of 'I and mine' persist life after life. This continues life after life as long as the living entity is not purely conscious of his identity as the subordinate part and parcel of the Lord.

3.) Srimad-Bhagavatam, 4.22.31

When one deviates from his original consciousness, he loses the capacity to remember his previous position or recognize his present one. When remembrance is lost, all knowledge acquired is based on a false foundation. When this occurs, learned scholars consider that the soul is lost.

CONCLUSIONS – In the first conversation Srila Prabhupada kindly explains that we have no feeling, no real bhakti as of yet for Krishna, since mostly, we are all neophytes. Therefore we must please the spiritual master, who does have feeling for Krishna and then we, by pleasing him, will return to our normal state of real love or feeling for the Lord.

In the second one, the lecture, he explains that what "feeling" we now possess, (I am this or that) it is illusion and not who we really are because one moment it’s here, next moment, it is gone. Consider the present life with our present associates of spouse, children, friends, relatives. When we leave this body, all those will be gone, just like persons present in a dream we had last night. So in both states of consciousness, either under maya or with Krishna, He, Krishna, is giving us the ability to either remember or forget Him. But the tangible advancement comes when we have FEELING for Krishna. Anything else is just ritual. Thinking, feeling, and willing – these are the activities of the mind. And it is the mind by which we must elevate ourselves out of maya and then try to find some bhakti towards the Lord.

The third verse is a very nice summary of how we got here in the material world and how we stay here, much like the explanation in number 2. Therefore all the Acaryas recommend to always chant Hare Krishna maha mantra to free ourselves from all of maya's illusions.