It was like sticking my hand in a wall socket

Vatsala das:  Prabhupada was coming to Los Angeles. We lived in San Francisco. I went down with Jayananda, and we spent a few days in L.A. while Prabhupada was there. Prabhupada had the habit, of course, of coming down those stairs and then coming out that side door and then getting into his car and going for a walk.

So the devotees would hang out there just so they could get a glimpse of Prabhupada walking to the car. So I got there early one day, I wanted to be right there in front and see Prabhupada. I was there and nobody else was coming. It was cold and I was scantily dressed, just my dhoti and no shoes.

So I’m thinking, “Where is everybody? This is going to be fantastic. Prabhupada can’t miss me. I’ll be the only one here. He’s going to come out and go on his walk. This is going to be so far out.” But it started getting later and getting close to class time.

I’m waiting out here, I’m not even going to get in the temple room basically. So I finally think that “Well, Prabhupada’s not coming. I’ve got to get over and get into the temple for class.” So I started making my way into the temple, and it was packed. And Danavir comes over to me and he says, “Do you want to put sandalwood pulp on Prabhupada’s forehead?” I said, “Sure I do.” So that got me right into the temple.

So Prabhupada comes in and he greets the Deities and sits down and somebody urged me, “OK, now it’s time to do that.” So I got up there and stood in front of the vyasasan, and Prabhupada leaned forward and I put the sandalwood pulp on his forehead. And all I can remember, it was like sticking my hand in a wall socket or something like that. It was electrifying. I don’t know why, it was probably just all in my mind that this was Prabhupada and this was really special. That was a special incident. That was all. I just sat down and listened to class after that.