Since the data breach of 87 million users of the world’s most popular social networking giant ― Facebook came to the limelight, it was compelling for people from across the world to protect their personal and private data. As the common masses are not very tech savvy, this data misuse alarmed netizens and they initiated various steps for future protection of their personal details from any vulnerability. 

However, there is a meaningful lesson for us to learn from this data compromise. We either live a life giving up anonymity and masking our real identity online or a life away from digital revolution offline; there is a universal privacy policy applicable to all of us.


Any activity that we execute, either in the daytime or in the nighttime, all our data is being recorded in full detail. A living entity may try to perform an activity even behind closed doors, but still there are innumerable data scanners from whom we can never breach through. They are the stars, the moon, the sun, the air, all directions and different demigods as well.


Above all of them is the Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Krishna Himself in the form of Paramatma who can store countless terabytes of data by being present in our heart itself minutely witnessing all our activities.

Being constitutionally positioned as the Lord’s servant as well as His part and parcel, when we fully obey His policies, He mercifully awards us with a life of eternity, bliss, unlimited happiness and enjoyment. But when we try to ditch Him, rebel against Him, He transfers us to the material world from His abode and shares all our data with His obedient agent called Yamaraja, the Lord of Death!


Yamaraja, being well aware of all our scams, scandals and fraudulent activities, processes our data and awards due punishment resulting in our cruel transmigration in 84 lakh species of life.

But, here is a way to stop this data sharing. Lord Krishna being our most kind father promises in the Bhagavad-gita that if we become loyal to Him, surrender to His instructions, He will erase all our old data records from the beginning of time irrespective of its nature and attributes. He also assures us that we’ll be free from any future scandals eternally and gives a definite commitment never to breach our trust.

Now, it is our most important duty in this human form of life to act in a way as prescribed in the policies of the revealed scriptures to please the Lord and request Him to take back our data handling into His hands so that we can be reinstated in our eternal position free from all anxieties of material existence. Otherwise cruel death is just waiting to award us with all brutal punishments due to us.

Let’s keep our data in safe hands, with the all merciful Lord Sri Krishna!